How to Give a Nude Massage?

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How to Give a Nude Massage? 1

Erotic massage has appeared in the East a long time ago, no one can say for sure how many millennia ago it happened. Nevertheless, nowadays all of us understand that sweet sensations became an integral part of foreplay. Over time, erotic nude massage was appreciated in different countries of the world, because with its help you can make a man moan with pleasure and bring him to the highest point of arousal – a powerful orgasm (even without having sexual intercourse).

In order to make their sex life richer and more diverse, girls should learn these simple secrets of fantastic sex. If you do it, your man will not look for new experiences, as you will provide him with everything he needs.


How to Give a Nude Massage? 3Learning to do erotic massage is not difficult, because it does not imply the use of complex specific techniques and skills, it does not have strict rules, there are no prohibitions and taboos on everything that can bring pleasure. The main thing is just to understand the general tactics and figure out how to make the impact effective.

The peculiarity of erotic massage is the nudity of both men and masseuse (when looking at a naked female body, the brain forms very exciting “pictures” and sends signals that activate erectile function). The erotic massage itself, just like the usual relaxing one, involves the effect on the body of various tactics (tapping, pinching, kneading, pressing, circular movements) with the fingertips and palms, but with the only difference that all parts of the body are taken into the “treatment”, including the genitals.

Massaging movements are done with different intensities: first soft, then stronger, after – again soft, and then – extremely intense (but they shouldn’t cause pain).


Knowing how to give erotic massage correctly to please a husband is very important for married ladies. After all, this intimate process will help you get closer to your loved one and convey your feelings to him through bodily touch. Thanks to it, partners can move to a new level of relations, awaken in each other new facets of emotions.

Before proceeding directly to the procedure itself, it is also important to tune in to it correctly. For this, stick to the following tips:

  • Suitable atmosphere. Regardless of whether you massage a man or a woman, for a full immersion in the mystery of this art, you need to create special conditions. In this case, you should not greatly complicate your task, it is enough to dim the light a little or light candles, turn on romantic music.
  • A comfortable place. Many do not take this point into account, but a convenient location plays an important role. The one to whom you are giving the massage should be comfortable, therefore cover (sofa, bed) with a soft blanket or bed linen. In addition, it is also necessary to provide an open space so that the person giving the massage can move comfortably. Also, make sure that no one will enter your room, otherwise, strangers may interrupt the most important point. It is especially important to consider this point if going to give an erotic massage to a woman, because ladies are hardly distracted from everyday worries and, unfortunately, an out-of-place object will again return the lady to the routine.
  • A good nude massage should bring a lot of pleasure, nothing should distract a person – including his stomach. It is not recommended to eat too much before the session, so as not to cause an attack of nausea.
  • If you do not know how to give an erotic massage to a man, then remember the most important advice – prepare your hands. Keep your nails short so as not to irritate the skin. Also, they should be soft, for this, apply the cream before the session. Also, make sure they are warm, otherwise, your partner will experience a lot of tension initially.

Nude massage techniques

  • Massage of the back of the body. The man lies on his stomach, and the girl begins with gentle stroking and applying pressure with her fingertips, palms up and down, to the side, making circular movements. You need to start with the head and neck, moving to the arms, then along the back – to the buttocks and legs.How to Give a Nude Massage? 5
  • Front massage. The man must be turned over on his back. So, start performing light massaging movements from the man’s hands to the chest and abdomen, slowly descending to the genitals, but without massaging them, but only slightly touching them – just tease a man. It will give him unforgettable sensations, we guarantee.
  • Body massage. In this case, it does not matter how the man lies (on his back or on his stomach), the main thing is that the girl is naked and sensually touches him with her body (chest, stomach, buttocks). There is nothing complicated – light friction, change in postures, and the intensity of pressing.
  • Breath massage. This aphrodisiac tactic can be used during or at the end of a body massage. The essence of this technique is sighs and gentle breaths that activate arousal in the erogenous zones of a man. It sounds weird, but it’s all about our instincts: your man will like it.
  • Massage with lips or tongue. These are just light touches, they can be barely perceptible, although even so, they manage to create a fantastic effect.
  • Massage of the genitals is done at the very end when the man is fully ready for the final chord of sexual arousal. It is interesting that, together with a man, the girls themselves often get pleasure, without even coming into contact.

How to enhance the effect

For the massage to bring real pleasure, it is worth using aromatic oil with substances that stimulate arousal, create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and satisfaction (dim light, pleasant music), and choose a firm and comfortable surface on which the man will lie.

Hude massage is a special ritual between two partners. Indeed, thanks to this procedure, two people become closer to each other, both physically and emotionally.

The knowledge of how to make an erotic massage can be used to bring diversity to intimate life. It can also help to make fading feelings alive again. The best result is if your erotic massage turns into sex!

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