Yoni massage

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Yoni massage

  • Special oil
  • Full naked masseuse
  • Girl use her hands & body
  • Happy ending for woman
  • Dildo by request
30 min - 100 €
1 hr - 160 €
1 hr 30 min - 220 €
2 hr - 280 €

If you are looking for a massage that will certainly satisfy and impress your girlfriend or wife, yoni massage is the best choice. Many people have heard about erotic massage and happy ending massage, but quite a few know what yoni massage is. “Yoni” is a vagina, and this massage is concentrated on this sacred point of a woman’s body. Yoni practice is all about explorative touch, which leads to the highest point of satisfaction. SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia offers ladies an unforgettable erotic massage session, where the body is relaxed and sexuality is revealed. This practice is not only about the body, as it helps to understand what the woman needs, what are her desires, and what are the most sensitive and erogenous parts of her body. So, let’s have a more detailed look at what is offered to get a better understanding of the entire procedure.

Yoni massage procedure

if a woman has some problems with orgasm or simply doesn’t understand what is most pleasant for her, yoni massage can solve both problems. At the very beginning of the massage session, one of our masseuses will start with caressing the girl’s breasts. She will also be massaging her belly, as massaging these two body parts makes a woman feel more relaxed and warms her up. The masseuse will never start the massage from your woman’s vagina, as it may even cause unpleasant feelings if the lady is not ready for it yet. So, having warmed your woman up, the masseuse will start yoni massage itself. Who else but a woman knows what to do with a vagina to make a massage super pleasant? Besides, if your lady wishes for something even hotter, various sex toys may be used. As we know, it may be difficult for some ladies to reach an orgasm, but with our sexy masseuses, it won’t be a problem. They know what to do with a female body, how to find and stimulate the G spot to make her tremble with excitation and experience waves of pleasure.

Yoni massage peculiarities

Yoni massage cannot be compared to anything else, as it helps to solve numerous problems ladies face sometimes. It is not only about the orgasm, it’s about exploring the body to understand its needs and desires. During the yoni massage session, your lady will likely experience multiple orgasms, even if there were problems with it before. The benefits of yoni massage are different, as it improves woman’s health, helps her to understand her body better, makes it easier for her to achieve orgasm. Besides, this massage can be practiced to increase the sexual energy of the lady (which will certainly influence all aspects of her life), to improve your sexual relationships, and to make her menstruation painless. As you can see, this massage is a treasure for ladies suffering from lack of pleasure they get during sex or for those who just want to understand the body better.

So, if you want to surprise your woman with an unforgettable erotic massage she has ever had, call us right now to make a booking. Nothing can look more beautiful than your woman’s body trembling with waves of pleasure, so surprise your lady with such a gift.

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
With the help of youni massage, your lady may get interested in sexual life more than ever, can you imagine it? If you want to present your girlfriend/wife with such a gift, browse the site, learn more about the massage prices.
Where can I find the best yoni massage in Valencia?
Yoni massage is a great gift for your wife/girlfriend. In SweetTouch Valencia, your lady will enjoy this procedure to the full. SweetTouch girls know what to do to female body to make the lady experience numerous orgasms.
What is an erotic yoni massage?
Yoni massage is a great chance for ladies to understand their bodies better. The vagina is stimulated here. It helps to get rid of pain, reduces stress, and makes ladies experience multiple orgasms per session.

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