Lesbian Nuru Massage: What to Expect?

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Lesbian Nuru Massage: What to Expect? 1

Erotic massage has been known since ancient times when it was a medical procedure. Indeed, thanks to massage, you can increase the blood supply to organs, the mobility of the limbs, as well as relieve nervous and physical stress.

Lesbian Nuru Massage: What to Expect? 3One of the most common types of intimate massage is the erotic Nuru massage. This massage is aimed at stimulating the erogenous zones, increasing the blood flow to the pelvic zone, increasing the heart rate, becoming an excellent preventive treatment for not too serious heart diseases. During the massage, the body of the masseuse touches the body of the client. During a lesbian Nuru massage, there are two ladies taking part in this fun. Lesbian massage is an excellent chance to get the ultimate satisfaction, and ladies better know where and how to touch the female body.

Thanks to this massage, a person can simultaneously relax and get aroused. During the procedure, the atmosphere is extremely important, for example, scented candles and oils are an important part. Indeed, thanks to such an environment, the girl will be able to plunge into an intimate atmosphere and receive special indescribable pleasures.

Key features

Nuru massage is one of the traditional Japanese massage techniques. It first appeared in Kanagawa Prefecture in the small town of Kawasaki. In Japan, this type of massage is absolutely legal. Both the masseuse and the receiver are completely naked. First of all, the bodies of a masseuse and the client are covered with a special lotion. This is a special product that is made on the basis of seaweed leaves. All components of the lotion are hypoallergenic. The gel is suitable for almost everyone. The product has no color, no taste, no smell, but it glides perfectly on the skin. Unlike other lotions, it does not dry out quickly due to its high-fat content.

The procedure

Nuru massage involves caressing the client’s body from the toes to the head. Absolutely all areas are involved in the procedure: legs, feet, back, abdomen, chest, neck, and sometimes also the face. The massage goddess actively uses her whole body to give another lady an unforgettable experience. Nuru massage is usually performed in an appropriate atmosphere. Since the technique comes from an Asian country, it attaches special importance to smells and music. Rooms for performing massages are usually full of relaxing herbal aromas. Relaxing music or soothing sounds of nature are usually used as background music.

What is it needed for?

Lesbian Nuru Massage: What to Expect? 5Nuru massage is an incredible pleasure that not every girl will dare to try. It can be called medicine for the body and soul.

  • Like any other type of massage, nuru helps to restore blood circulation, tone the skin and muscles of the client.
  • In addition to the purely physical effect, the procedure has a direct impact on the mind. Just a few sessions help to put in order disheveled feelings, support a shattered nervous system, relieve stress, and get out of deep depression.
  • Nuru massage is more aimed at relaxation rather than arousal, although the latter is also present as an integral part of the session.

During the lesbian session, the lady is brought to a state of increased sensitivity, when every cell of the body feels any touch much more sharply. This approach makes it possible for a masseuse to find areas that respond most vividly to tactile contact with her so that she can give an unforgettable pleasure. The opening of new erogenous zones is just a side effect of massage.

What is much more important, during the session, the massage therapist helps the patient to collect sexual energy drop by drop and direct it in a stormy stream along the right path, choosing the optimal energy channel for her. This will help solve most of the problems in a girl’s intimate life.