Prostate Massage

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Prostate massage

  • Finger Oil massage of the prostate zone
  • Full naked masseuse
  • Sex toys or strapon by request
  • Happy ending
  • Powerful orgasm
30 min - 100 €
1 hr - 200 €
1 hr 30 min - 300 €
2 hr - 400 €

Prostate massage

The prostate is often called male G-spot, as stimulation of this area makes a man feel unforgettable sensations while improving potency. This procedure is not an ordinary one, as you have already understood. So, if you want to achieve an incredible level of pleasure and experience an unforgettable erotic experience, prostate massage in Sweettouch Erotic Massage in Valencia near me will satisfy all your wishes. This technique is a rather old one, as even a long time ago people used prostate stimulation to improve man’s sexual health. This sacred spot was believed to be the emotional sexual center. No wonder that massaging this zone has lots of benefits. This experience is not only extremely pleasant but also a healing one.

Prostate massage procedure

Although anal massage can be called a therapeutic one, don’t be afraid that the atmosphere will be like in a hospital. Our prostate massage is aimed at giving you pleasure, which implies not only to the procedure itself but also to the surrounding. The room will be cozy, warm, and full of pleasant fragrances. Several positions are suitable for the procedure, so if you wish you can try each of them to find out which one is the best for you. But your massage session will not begin with your prostate immediately, it begins with the external part. Firstly, our sexy masseuse (for gays there will be a masseur) will take care of your body to make you feel relaxed. So, a good full-body massage is the best option to prepare you for the penetration stage. Once you remove your clothes and lie face down, the lady will pour some oil on the body of yours and begin massaging your back. Then, she will proceed to your shoulders, arms, and hips. Our ladies are experts, so when it’s time to caress your prostate, the masseuse will be very gentle, so there will be no unpleasant sensations.

Many men are insane about prostate massage, as when you feel a finger of a young beauty caressing your prostate while her other hand is stroking your penis, it’s impossible to remain indifferent. Be sure that prostate massage will make you cum very quickly, and your orgasm will be the most powerful ever.

Prostate massage benefits

As we have already mentioned, many men love this massage as it’s not only pleasant but also a healing one.

So, its advantages are the following:

1. It can improve erection. Prostate stimulation is often used to treat erectile dysfunction. Some men claim that due to prostate massage, they feel more confident, and pleasure from sexual intercourse increases.

2. This massage facilitates prostatitis. It removes excess fluid from the gland and reduces swelling.

3. It can help with painful ejaculation. Prostate massage can make sperm more liquid, so those men facing any problems with ejaculation can try this massage, as it can help to get rid of those.

Make a booking

All our ladies are experts in prostate massage, so select any of them in our gallery and call us to make a booking. Everything is fully confidential. Prostate massage can help you solve many problems at once, so don’t hesitate and try it!

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
If you wan to enjoy a really good procedure, you'll have to pay for it. Of course, in some agencies, the prices are really low, but the quality is often the same low. Browse the site and you will get to know everything you want about prices.
Where can I find the best tantric prostate massage in Valencia?
The procedure of the highest level can be found in SweetTouch Valencia. Full confidentiality, luxurious interiors, skillful and insanely attractive ladies - all these makes many men dream about visiting SweetTouch Valencia.
What is an erotic prostate massage?
Prostate massage is a unique erotic procedure that has plenty of beneficial effects on male health. The masseuse caresses the whole body first, then moving to the penis and starting caressing the penis and prostate. She inserts her fingerto caress prostate, which leads to extra bright feelings.

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