4 hands massage

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4 hands massage

  • Warm massage oil
  • Girls use them hands
  • Girls in sexy lingerie
  • Powerful orgasm
  • Happy ending
30 min - 200 €
1 hr - 300 €
1 hr 30 min - 420 €
2 hr - 540 €

What can be better than a beautiful lady caressing every inch of your body, aiming at bringing you to the highest point of satisfaction? The answer is simple: two gorgeous women massaging all your body parts. It is something we think all men should try at least once in their lives, as this experience cannot be compared to anything else. At SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia, we are convinced that 4 hands massage is a necessity if you are tired of life or just want to get rid of stress, as it’s impossible to feel sad or bored in a company of two hotties. Enjoying a relaxing, joyful, and erotic atmosphere of our amazing 4 hands massage, you will certainly forget about all your worries and problems. Pleasure is like a drug, so you will have a wish to come back more and more. There will be two goddesses and you, and be sure they know how to massage your body to make your massage session super satisfying and relaxing.


4 hands massage procedure

So, what is the procedure of this incredible massage? Having entered the massage room, you will see two naked ladies waiting for you to surprise with lots of bright new feelings. 4 hands massage will be a truly eye-opening experience, as nothing can be compared to mirrored movements of two beautiful ladies on your naked body. So, two fully trained girls will pour massage oil on your body, then starting doing the massage together. Every inch of your body will be caressed properly, including your legs, arms, abdomen, neck, and, of course, the most erogenous zones. You will be massaged from head to toe, so be sure you will never forget this experience. Our sexy girls will use different massage techniques to make you feel all the variety of sensations one can only imagine. The ladies will work simultaneously, either mirroring each other’s movements or working on different body parts of yours. Can you imagine such a bliss: two amazingly hot girls are focused on you only, doing their best to give you maximum pleasure. Working in unison, they will awaken all senses of yours, preparing you for the most powerful happy ending ever. Having tried four-handed penis massage at least once, a man will have a wish to come back again. Various speeds and pressures they will use on your body will make you cum very quickly.

4 hands massage benefits

4 hands massage is performed by our massage goddesses, fully aware of what to do with your body to make a massage session truly unforgettable. In fact, this massage is like no other massage, as enjoying this one both your mind and body will react completely differently (compared to regular massage). There are four hands, so it’s next to impossible for a recipient to predict what will happen next. As well as many massages we offer, 4 hands massage has a variety of benefits, as it helps to increase your libido, reduces muscle tension and stress, and improves your blood circulation. So, if you are looking for an experience that will help you to feel completely satisfied and rejuvenated, 4 hands massage we offer in SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia is just what the doctor ordered.


What is the price of Sweettouch services?
We are convinced every man should try this procedure at least once. On the site, descriptions of all services provided are presented, as well as current prices for procedures of different duration.
Where can I find the best 4 hands massage in Valencia?
In Valencia, there are not too many places that offer 4 hands massage. If you want to try it, SweetTouch Valencia is the best place. Choose two masseuses and dive into the world of pleasure!
What is an erotic four hands massage?
Many men dream about having fun with two ladies at once. Nowadays, it is possible with the help of 4 hands massage. During it, the whole body is caressed by two beautiful ladies.

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