Gay massage

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Gay massage

  • Special oil
  • Full naked masseuse
  • He use his hands & body
  • Happy ending for woman
  • Powerful orgasm
30 min - 100 €
1 hr - 160 €
1 hr 30 min - 220 €
2 hr - 280 €

SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia has an incredible offer for those looking for new feelings and emotions. Our gay massage will certainly make you forget about all your problems. Many people who have never tried such a massage may feel scared, nervous, and curious about the entire procedure and techniques used. In gay massage, there is no strict scenario, as everything depends on how the recipient reacts and what he is looking for. This massage is an ideal choice for those eager to forget about misunderstanding people often face due to various sexual desires, as we understand all your wishes and are ready to offer our professional masseurs to help you fulfil those. A gay massage is a chance to be yourself. There are no limitations, everything depends on you. Are you looking for a soft massage or eager to enjoy a procedure where your prostate is caressed as well? We are ready to offer you this and even more. SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia is a place of trust, acceptance, and respect, so don’t hesitate and choose our gay massage if you’ve been looking for such service for a while.

Gay massage procedure

As well as every ordinary massage, the gay massage begins with preparing the environment for you to feel safe, cozy, and relaxed. There will be relaxing music and candles, which will make you feel comfortable from the very beginning. Having taken the shower, you will be ready to enjoy massage therapy. So, you will be lying on your back and the masseur will slowly start caressing your abdomen, neck, and arms, avoiding your genital area. There won’t be any penetration during the massage session, but you will likely experience sexual satisfaction you’ve never experienced before. Every part of your body will be involved in the process of the massage, your masseur will use his hands to caress every inch of your body to reduce muscle tension, improve your blood flow, and arouse you. Having warmed you up, a man will proceed to your lingam area, caressing your testicles, penis, and your anus. Gently massaging your testicles, he will slowly insert his finger in your anus, giving you an unforgettable prostate massage. The head of your lingam will be caressed properly as well, the masseur will use lots of lube to make the process wetter. A masseur will tease you with different techniques and pressures, so it will be difficult not to ejaculate at the very beginning.

Gay massage benefits

A gay massage is an intimate procedure, where you can enjoy deepest sensations and emotions. Who knows better than a man what to do with a man’s body to give the maximum pleasure? Enjoying your massage session, you will feel loved, happy, and relaxed. You shouldn’t be afraid of misunderstanding, as we know how important it is for each person to be understood.

  • Your ability to control ejaculation will improve.
  • Your libido will grow.
  • Your self-confidence will increase.

As you can see, there are literally no minuses of this incredible massage therapy, so call us now and book this pleasure for yourself.

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