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Gay Tantric Massage

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Gay Tantric Massage

For many single gays, the feeling of lack of love or attention is caused by the superficiality of sexual encounters. During sex, the heart does not participate, so you avoid a deeper connection. A great way to start feeling this connection is the gay tantric massage near me. In Sweettouch Erotic Massage in Valencia, you can choose any masseur in our gallery. Be sure everything is fully confidential, as we love and respect our clients, offering them the highest level of privacy and excellent services. The massage will be performed by an expert, so be sure you will achieve one of the brightest orgasms in your life. Tantric practices are often called Shamanic rituals, as they help to open up your chakras and achieve several orgasm types you haven’t experienced before. There will be no clothes on your body, so you’ll feel completely free, relaxed, and ready to enjoy this experience. Even if you are shy, don’t be afraid, as our masseurs know how to set you into the mood.

The gay tantric massage technique

The first thing people often don’t know about tantric massage is breathing techniques. So, at the beginning of your massage session, your masseur will explain to you how to breathe in the right way for you to feel even more relaxed. It won’t be just a massage, it will be a flow of two energies interacting. So, it will start with the so-called undressing ritual. Some gays prefer to do it by themselves, while the others ask masseurs to take their clothes off. Then comes oil. The masseur will slowly and gently pour some massage oil on the body of yours. Everything will be performed slowly and gently, as this is one of the most important tantra rules. The beginning of this massage is usually very slow, as you have to feel the introduction of the masseur’s touch. The main aim of a masseur is to discover your body gently to find the most sensitive erogenous zones. He will encourage you to breathe deeply, slowly caressing your abdomen, back, hips, and more. Your state will be like meditation. So, once you are ready to go further, you will be given an incredible Lingam massage followed by prostate massage. As we know, the prostate is like a magic spot on the male body. Stimulating this area can solve many problems, like quick ejaculation and problems with erection. Prostate massage can be compared to an inner connection between your body and soul. The massage session will end with full relaxation and your powerful orgasm.

Gay tantric massage peculiarities

Apart from revealing sexual energy, gay tantric massage has plenty of other benefits. First of all, several procedures will help you to control your erection and ejaculation. Then, gay tantric massage can help you experience multiple orgasms (which is a rare thing for men). This massage will help you to understand your sexual desires and your body much better.

Key elements of this sensual procedure are:

  • Tantric breathing techniques;
  • lots of lube;
  • slow movements.
  • Make a booking

Gay tantric massage is a must-try procedure for both bisexual men and gays. So, don’t waste your time and make a booking now!

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