10 rules of a good erotic massage

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10 rules of a good erotic massage 1

There are many factors that may influence whether you like your massage session or not. Even minor details can spoil everything, so we are going to tell you what are the top-10 golden rules of the most unforgettable and satisfying erotic massage ever. 

Most important aspects of an unforgettable massage session

Every person who tried at least a few types of erotic massages has likes and dislikes. For instance, somebody likes more active stimulation, while another person likes gentle touches. In any case, there are certain rules that apply to any massage type. So, let’s get acquainted with those.

  1. The atmosphere is everything. Is it possible to feel relaxed and safe in a cold or noisy room? Or when it’s simple dirty? The answer is no, so it’s important to pay attention to it. Comfortable temperature, soft candlelight, romantic music – this is enough for creating a mood. Make sure it is easy to relax in the room, and massage will be super pleasant. 

  2. Bath or shower. Both a client’s and a masseuse’s bodies should be clean, so taking a shower or bath before proceeding to the erotic massage itself is an essential part of the procedure. Taking a shower together with a masseuse is included in some massages we offer, so this routine can become more pleasant if enjoyed together with a beautiful lady. 

  3. Oil matters. Massage oil is another thing that is considered one of the most important in erotic massages. It makes the skin moistures, so hands (or other body parts) glide on it easily. It’s possible to use both regular massage oils or lickable ones (if you work on your partner). Massage candles will do as well.

  4. Slow beginning and ending. At the very beginning, erotic massage looks like an ordinary body massage, as the masseuse is working on arms, legs, abdomen, and more. It helps the client to relax and forget about all worries. After an orgasm, a slow and gentle massage helps to calm down.

  5. Teasing – only after warming up. You should never start with the penis or vagina immediately. Start with massaging muscles, as a good body massage is the best thing that helps to get ready for the more intimate part of an erotic massage.

  6. Relaxation and trust. Sometimes people (especially those who have never tried erotic massages) feel nervous first. If you are going to visit a massage parlor for the first time, there is only one piece of advice we can give you: trust the masseuse. Masseuses are professionals, so be sure there won’t be any pain, you will be loved and taken care of. 

  7. Attention to shoulders. The initial aim of any massage, including erotic, is relaxation. Shoulders are notorious for holding tension, so focus on shoulders is important. On shoulders, more pressure is applied than on other body parts, so it’s important to caress them properly. When working on shoulders, it’s important to listen to the client’s muscles to watch for signs of relaxation. 

  8. Time doesn’t exist anymore. If you are always in a rush, it will be difficult for you to make the most of your erotic massage session. Forget about everything that does not concern this particular moment. Concentrate on what you feel and let your body guide you through this experience. 

  9. Experiments are the key. If a person doesn’t know what he/she is looking for, the easiest way to determine it is to experiment with various massage techniques. If a masseuse is skillful enough, she knows what to do to your body for you to reach the highest point of satisfaction. If you have always dreamt about using some sex toys in massage, just try it! Experiments can bring an ordinary massage to a completely new level. 

  10. Warmth is important. When you are naked, you lose heat quickly, so the room should be warm enough. Both men and women fail to reach orgasm if it’s cold. To turn on quickly, one should be comfortable with the temperature – that’s the golden rule of a good erotic massage.

Now, you know a little bit more about what makes an erotic massage unforgettable. So, come visit us to enjoy a massage or apply your knowledge on your partner, and it will certainly change your sexual life for the better.