5 misconceptions about erotic massages

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5 misconceptions about erotic massages 1

Having tried erotic massage at least once, many men want to experience incredible feelings again and again. Erotic massage is an easy way to stimulate your sexual energy and to get rid of muscle tension at the same time. Such massages are not taboo anymore, as it’s just one of the ways to become happier for many people. Nevertheless, some consider those a prostitution, treating such massages as something dirty. People need the information to get rid of all the misconceptions, so we decided to shed some light on the most common mistakes associated with erotic massages. If you are interested, keep reading.

Myths are common

Such a ‘forbidden’ pleasure as erotic massages is not understood by all people fully, so no wonder many myths exist. The only reason for those is a lack of knowledge. Besides, it’s easier to blame something than to try to understand it. For you not to be fooled by misconceptions, we have debunked the most common ones.

  1. It is prostitution. This myth is one of the most common. Definitely, erotic massage is a sexual service, but sex is not included. Ladies provide massages to help both men and women to relax and understand their bodies better, so how it can be called prostitution? Besides, some erotic massages have healing effects (like Shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, and so on). Any erotic massage results in an orgasm, that’s true, but a whole procedure is something more than ordinary masturbation. Massage is a manual therapy, so orgasm is like a side product of it. Masseuses invest a piece of their good mood in their work, so it can be compared to massage art, but not to ordinary sexual intercourse.

  2. Orgasm is the only thing you get. Some people think that if the massage ends with an orgasm, this is the only thing you get. This is another common mistake, and we’ll tell you why. In erotic massage, masseuses use combinations of various techniques, aiming at bringing you maximum pleasure, not at the sexual level only. All body of yours is caressed during a massage, which helps to get rid of stress and tension. Besides, such massages improve blood circulation, some of them can help to get rid of cellulite and improve your skin. A happy ending helps to release sexual tension. Due to this, your libido is growing and you become more satisfied with your life in general.

  3. Girls come to work “off the street”. A work of a masseuse is often criticised by people due to the reasons we have already described. So, it is believed that only poor people who have nothing else to do decide to try themselves in erotic massages. In fact, this job is not an easy one, so not every lady can cope with it. A professional masseuse is a person that has gone through lots of courses, as it’s impossible to become an expert in massage techniques (especially exotic ones) without proper training. In the process of training, they get acquainted with eroticism secrets, as well as with different techniques. Very often clients don’t want to get just a massage, they want to communicate with the lady, so she should be smart and educated. Many ladies working in the industry have higher education and are good interlocutors, so even beauty and skills are not enough to become a massage mistress. Good manners, education, excellent skills, and passion for massages are essentials, so not everyone can become a masseuse. 

  4. During the erotic massage, you are not allowed to touch a masseuse. Understandably, the pleasure you get during a massage session depends not only on the lady’s actions but also on your behavior. There is a myth that it’s strictly prohibited to touch the body of the masseuse. In fact, everything depends on the agreement between the client and the masseuse/massage salon. Some massages include reciprocal touches and taking a shower together, so you are allowed to touch your masseuse. In any case, erotic massage presupposes a certain scope of decency. If you prevent a girl from giving an erotic massage with her outright harassment, then she, instead of thinking about your pleasure, will be busy “fighting” with you, and therefore simply will not be able to indulge you with some especially pleasant movements, as well as with frank poses. So, most often, you are allowed to touch, but be decent.

  5. Erotic massage can ruin your marriage and career. There are many stories about couples who saved their marriage with the help of erotic massages. People usually don’t believe those, being absolutely sure that such stories are a lie. You may be surprised, but erotic massage can be a magic healing pill for a dying marriage. The passion will arise again with the help of skillful masseuses. Actually, erotic massage can solve any problems in the relationships, because many of them arise because both partners are dissatisfied with their sexual life. The main driving force of strong relations is intimate life, and under the pressure of different life circumstances, this sphere of relations is ignored frequently. In order to strengthen the family, you can choose the erotic massage service for couples. Many couples, due to their shyness and complexes are not able to open up and tell the partner what exactly they like, and what can bring true pleasure. This causes a state of constant dissatisfaction. So, during a massage session, you will be able to watch your partner, so you’ll get a better understanding of what he/she likes. During the massage, the body releases a cocktail of endorphins and hormones into the bloodstream, which makes you more productive and improves your mood, which helps to reach heights in the professional field. 

As you can see, there are many misconceptions about erotic massages. Perhaps, those are the reasons why man people are still afraid to try this pleasure. As we have mentioned, due to a good erotic massage your sexual life may improve; besides, having chosen one of the erotic massages with healing effects, you can improve your health and get rid of muscle tension. Some say erotic massage is an extremely expensive pleasure. In fact, this pleasure is no more expensive than many others. You can get acquainted with the prices browsing our website. 

Now you know a little bit more about the most common misconceptions about erotic massages. There is nothing bad about having such a massage, as it’s fully legal and many spheres of your life can benefit from it. So, the game is worth the candle.