Esalen Massage: Definition

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Esalen Massage: Definition 1

Esalen massage is a special, one-of-a-kind type of massage, which was born at the center of experimental research on human and body consciousness – Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California). It was invented by two scientists named Michael Murphy and Richard Preece.

Human health is the harmony of physical, emotional, and mental health. Esalen massage is aimed precisely at creating this balance.

What is included?

Esalen massage includes elements of Swedish, reflex and therapeutic massage, manual therapy, oriental techniques, yoga elements, Gestalt therapy, and head massage. After a proper massage, you will enjoy complete harmony with your body.

People like Esalen massage because of the healing effect of a masterful, caring touch. The massage technique combines long movements with gentle caressing and stretching movements. Deep massage techniques are also utilized. Esalen massage is not just physical touch. Attention is also paid to the exchange of energy and the psychological well-being of the person. The massage provides a harmony of mind and body, as well as an overall feeling of calm and tranquility.


Esalen Massage: Definition 3The technique is based on intuitive perception and the art of listening to the body. The main principle is the unity of attention, breathing, and movement. Slowness and gradualness are other important components of massage. The dynamic integration of the elements leads to maximal relaxation. Through awareness of sensations, restoration of connections between them, and emotional processes occur. The techniques used include the following:

  • traditional techniques;
  • Swedish massage,
  • reflexology,
  • connective tissue massage;
  • original techniques.

Many elements are borrowed from other massage techniques, but Esalen’s main difference is the priority of listening over performing an action. The patient is tuned in to the here and now. Particular attention is paid to the sensations, emotional and physical comfort of both participants of the process. The external attributes of the techniques are balance, sensory awareness, deep contact, and attention to how the body reacts.

The procedure

The massage begins with the client slowly and deeply breathing: this will help to feel all the touches deeper and enjoy the process to the fullest. In addition to long strokes all over the body, small circular movements are made around the joints, which gives a feeling of liberation.

Esalen massage is usually performed when both parties are nude. So, both the giver and the receiver should have no clothes on. However, some people prefer to have at least lingerie on when enjoying it. You decide if you want to be completely naked during the procedure for the first time. In SweetTouch Valencia, an erotic procedure is offered. Understandably, for the masseuse to take care of the entire body, taking off the clothes is needed.

During the massage, you may be partially covered with a cloth (if you wish) so that you always feel safe, warm, and relaxed.

The essence

Esalen Massage: Definition 5After the Esalen massage was invented, an amazing world of unity between body, mind, and spirit opened up. As a result of physical and mental balance, spiritual balance is achieved. Dialogue between two people is an important part of a massage. This is not only verbal but also non-verbal dialogue. Physical, energetic, emotional contact becomes an inexhaustible source of intuitive knowledge, a guide, and the main performer.

After positive changes in the body are achieved, a person understands that everyone takes responsibility for their own well-being. As a result, the receiver receives the keys to his own health and well-being.

The ideology of Esalen massage is based on the fact that health is not the absence of disease, but a state of harmony of body, mind, and soul with the world around. Healing occurs when a person is freed from what has kept him in tension for many years, and this is one of the main tasks of massage according to the Esalen method – to make a person unclench, open up, relax. During the massage, pleasant relaxing and meditative music is played, incense (or candles) is lit.

The massage is aimed at:

  • prevention of diseases and strengthening of the nervous system;
  • removal of stress;
  • healing of sleep disorders;
  • elimination of symptoms of asthenia, overwork, chronic fatigue;
  • cleaning and balancing energy centers and meridians;
  • harmonization of the work of internal organs;
  • increasing concentration;
  • healing intimate problems (speaking about an erotic Esalen massage).


As you can see, Esalen is not an ordinary massage. It’s a spiritual practice that helps people to find harmony. In SweetTouch Valencia, our skillful hotties can surprise you with the best Esalen massage ever! So, come try it!