Full Body Massage With Happy Ending: What to Expect?

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Full Body Massage With Happy Ending: What to Expect? 1

Many people have heard about such a miracle as body massage, but some don’t have a clear understanding of this process. In fact, the full-body erotic technique is an art that originates from Asia.

So, what is a full-body massage? Initially, it was exclusively a healing body procedure. To master the technique, masseurs, and masseuses should attend special courses where they are told about all sensitive points of the human body, the impact on which makes a person stronger, healthier, and more energetic.

Full-body massage overview

Although this is not a healing procedure, it can improve your life in many aspects, including the sexual one. It helps to understand your desires better and helps to get rid of problems connected with sexual life. At the very beginning, full-body massage was a procedure that had nothing to do with erotica.

Nowadays, it can be called a magic tool that can be used both by men and women. It is believed that there are certain lines on the human body, where so-called energy windows are formed. It is believed that through them, the energy of space, vital to any of us, enters the body. The task of the masseuse is to open these windows as fully as possible.

According to the rules, the full-body procedure lasts at least three hours, but nowadays most people prefer a standard hour or one hour and a half. This therapy has one distinctive feature. It allows you to achieve sexual release without sex. So, masseuses bring the client to orgasm exclusively using their body, no sex is included. SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia offers you full-body pleasure with a happy ending, as well as many other techniques.

If you want to know more about what to expect from a full-body procedure, keep reading, and we will tell you everything you need to know.

Essentials of a full-body massage with a happy ending

One of the main conditions for an unforgettable session is the absence of inconveniences. Only if the entire atmosphere of the room is full of relaxation, the masseuse will help you to relieve the tension accumulated during the day. Therefore, she will make sure everything is just fine for you to feel calm and safe.

  1. The first thing is a comfortable bed. If the bed where the session takes place is too soft, the client will plunge into it, slipping away from the masseuse’s fingers. Our beds are ideal for such purposes. If you wish, you can have a look at our interior on our website to make sure everything is just fine.
  2. Several towels. The masseuse will have several towels for extra oil or lube. It’s very unpleasant when there is too much lube on your body, so towels are essential in erotic massages.
  3. Heater. Even in summer, the weather can be very cold sometimes. But the room must be warm, as in other case it will be impossible to relax and get an orgasm. There are heaters in professional agencies for clients to feel great in any weather.
  4. Nice music or sounds of nature. It’s easy to shake off the tension of the city if you forget about the noise of the streets and the annoying sounds of the TV. At your massage session, the masseuse of your choice will turn on romantic music to make the entire atmosphere more intimate.
  5. The next thing is oil. Massage oil makes the procedure as pleasant as possible. With it, the palms of the masseuse slide easily over the skin.
  6. Last but not least – essential oils. Aromatic oils are known for their beneficial effects on the human body. They are added to suitable base oils if the client wants it. Besides, aroma oils are used to fill the room with pleasant fragrances.

Full body massage procedure

Understandably, the location of erogenous zones on male bodies differs from their location on female bodies. At the beginning of your session, the masseuse will slowly cover your skin with oil, paying attention to your back, shoulders, feet, and the inner surface of the hips. The skin around your nipples, your buttocks, popliteal hollows, palms, and the area between the fingers – everything will be caressed properly. Such intimate areas instantly react to touches of gentle hands, so you will feel sexually excited very quickly.

But don’t be in a rush, as the masseuse will do everything slowly, for you not to experience orgasm in two minutes (if you do, she will continue the session, so you can even experience several explosive orgasms!).


During full-body massage, the masseuse will take care of the whole body of yours, from the sensitive toes to the top of the head. Both hands and other body parts are used. Understandably, special attention is paid to erogenous zones and genitals.

The erotic massage usually begins with gentle relaxing strokes, and after the client relaxes, the masseuse proceeds to the next stage. There are several main techniques used, including pinching, tapping, pressing, and circular movements. Usually, each technique is performed several times, changing the level of pressure. It will start very gently and may end even aggressively (if you wish).

As we have already mentioned, this massage begins with the shoulders. Then, the masseuse will start to take care of the hands, and only after that, she will proceed to the chest and abdomen. As you have already understood, your beautiful massage therapist won’t massage the genitals immediately, as it’s not masturbation. It is necessary to tease a man, to make him wait, as this will give him even more pleasure. When approaching the genitals, the lady will touch them slightly, then going back to less sensitive areas and to the genitals again. It will be the best rest ever, trust us.


Full-body massage allows you to get lots of pleasure, which has a significant impact on human health.

In addition to its main advantages, we can note no less significant benefits that the human body receives:

  • improved potency;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • complete relaxation;
  • the ability to receive orgasms easily (especially relevant for
  • women who have difficulties reaching orgasms);
  • increased libido.

This procedure is a great way to get rid of stress, depression, apathy that haunt people daily.