How to Give a Man a Tantric Massage: 4 Tips from SweetTouch

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How to Give a Man a Tantric Massage: 4 Tips from SweetTouch 1

What is love? Many people have different visions, but the commonality is that it’s quite difficult to explain your vision of love to your beloved ones. A tantric massage is a great tool that can make it easy for you to show your man affection, passion, and love. Training in tantric massage will help you express your emotions, thoughts, and sensations to your man without a single word. This is not just a new way of giving the erotic massage, it is a unique ideology. With the help of it, you will be able not only to tell about your feelings and start a game of passion, but also to influence and improve the health of your partner (including his male health), and even to make an exchange of energies. So, if you want to know how to please your partner, keep reading, and we’ll tell you what are the main peculiarities of tantric massage and the main rules to stick to.

What is a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is the energetic exchange and the ultimate pleasure you can provide your partner with. The word “tantra” means “unity,” so this unique procedure is done to loved ones only. The most important lesson of tantric massage is that the whole body of your partner is an erogenous zone. If you are used to stimulate the most intimate points for quick arousal, you will open new horizons in tantra.

Forget about all the erogenous zones and re-examine your partner. Once again, look for sensual points on your man’s body. Believe us, there are much more than you might think. The main aim of tantric massage is to share the energy of your feelings with your partner, so you should understand that if you are not currently ready for a sacred exchange, then your man will feel this, and the result of your massage will be zero.

With tantric massage, you can help your partner make an important decision or even increase his life energy. This is an ancient technique by which travelers were prepared for a long journey, the brides – for leaving for another family.

Tip 1: pay attention to the atmosphere

The atmosphere is a part of huge importance in tantric massage beginners often overlook. Without paying attention to additional things that will make it easier for your partner to dip completely into the erotic atmosphere, your interaction will not be full. Take the preparation of a romantic atmosphere with all due responsibility and take into account the following pieces of advice:

  1. Find the appropriate location. It could be your bedroom or a luxurious hotel, depending on what you like more. The room should not be cluttered with different things, as they clog your channels and can become a source of unpleasant feelings. Select a place where both of you will feel comfortable. Try to get rid of unnecessary things to make your massage maximum pleasant.
  2. Then, use candles or muted lights. It would also be great to use a lamp of different colors. This can be helpful because each color has its own message that affects a person’s emotional state. The ideal colors for the procedure are purple, blue, and yellow.
    Make sure nothing will distract you. There shouldn’t be any animals or other people in the same apartment. Only you and your partner and zero noise – that’s the guarantee of your success.
  3. Use essential oils or fragrant sticks – these are excellent helpers in setting an intimate surrounding. If you want your souls to unite in a dance of passion and satisfaction, you can use a rose or ginger oil.
  4. Massage oil is also of huge importance. You can add some essential oil to the base oil. Good bases are olive, almond, apricot, and grape bone oils. For more effect, different essential oils can be added. Besides, if you are looking for a certain effect, you can study the peculiarities and effects of different essential oils. You can also utilize massage candles. Such candles also consist of good components and have a good base that makes skin beautiful and moistured.
  5. The last thing is the music. Take this with due attention, as many will depend on the music. Choose romantic melodies, as this will help both of you to relax.

Tip 2: learn the basic rules of the procedure

Understandably, inexperienced ladies have no idea of how to surprise their partner with a tantric massage. Getting acquainted with basic rules won’t take you much time, so let’s get acquainted with the procedure and its main stages.

At the very beginning

So, at the beginning of the procedure, but the partner on the bed, and get acquainted with his body. Don’t think that you know this body entirely and fully, as there is also energy few people pay attention to. So, try to feel it. Then, tease your partner’s body with gentle touches throughout the whole body. It’s better to relax your hands completely to make it more pleasant. Use your palms to curiously study all the body parts. This will help to reconnect with your man. Breathe deeply and slowly to get the mood.

It is better to start the tantric massage with the man’s feet because this body part has lots of erogenous zones and energetic exchange areas. Your task is to work on those energetic exchange areas to provide energy exchange. You don’t have to study where are the hot spots, just massage man’s feel completely. Also, such a massage will be a good warm-up for both of you.

In a tantric massage, it is essential to breathe properly. Breathe dimensionally and synchronously with the man. If you don’t want to lose touch with him, watch him breathing and adjust to it. Don’t start to massage and caress sensitive zones immediately, as at the very beginning relaxation and deep connection are two main tasks. Tantric massage (a classic variant of it) consists of strokes you fill with your energy. The initial goal of the technique is to get a single energy flow and get a psychoemotional orgasm.


Although in tantric massage one should listen to intuition, it’s important to know the basic technique. Gentle strokes is the main technique used. Enjoy the feeling of your hands gliding on the body of your man, and he will feel you like it, which will help to enjoy the procedure even more. Listen to yourself and your feelings, as the more sincere you are with yourself, the more obvious your internal dialogue with your partner’s body.

Use the forearm and hands. Use different pressures and different touches to surprise your partner with new feelings. Remember that every twelve seconds you need to alter the tactics of physical influence on the partner. Same with your partner’s body parts. Don’t let his body cool down, so switch to the new zone every 12 seconds. It is better if you go in a circle: legs, hips, stomach, chest, neck, and head.

If your partner lies on his stomach, all parts of his body will be more sensitive. On the back, there are many nerve endings that stimulate your partner’s general condition. A good technique is to lift his hands and shake the elbow zone. This is not only very pleasant, but also a great way to release accumulated negative energy – stress, tension, and fatigue.

If you don’t feel internal energy in your body, then stop and densely apply your palms to the body of your man. There is a term called “energy pumping”, so if your task is to turn on your sexual energy, then you need to squeeze vagina muscles on a breath and release them slowly on an exhalation. Continue to do so until you feel sexual energy and arousal.

Tip 3: prostate massage matters

Prostate massage can become key to long family life and strong male health. Unsurprisingly, few are those ready to enjoy prostate massage. For many men, this is a rather intimate thing, completely consisting of stereotypes. But, since we live in the XXI century, many have changed their opinions. Prostate massage is a great tool that is often used during the tantric procedure, which always leads to a powerful orgasm. Orgasm one gets through prostate caressing can’t be compared to anything else, believe us. So, here are our recommendations.

Be careful

If you do this for the first time, don’t try to surprise your man. The shock he will experience will make it impossible for you you to end the romantic session with a psychoemotional orgasm. Talking to your partner and explaining the entire procedure is essential if you don’t want him to run away. It’s better to cut your nails short. Otherwise, you may injure delicate skin around the anal.

If your man is fully deprived of complexes, fully trusts you, and is ready to try and enjoy it, then it is better to leave it for the end of the session. Good tantric massage will help your partner to relax. As w know, this is very important if you are planning a prostate massage. Then, the prostate caressing has a very exciting effect, so your partner will reach orgasm very quickly.

Prostate massage technique

So, put on gloves and apply silicone-based lubricant to the anal opening. Do it slowly to prepare your partner, there is no need to hurry. Give yourself and your partner time to get into the mood. Treat this as just another part of the body that you want to caress gently.

Your touches can be painful and cause discomfort at first, so use a lubricant with an anesthetic. It will help to reduce pain (if any) and make the anal ring not so sensitive. The lube will not affect the pleasant feelings, so don’t be afraid of it.

Once your man is ready, gently and very slowly insert one finger into your partner’s anal hole. Having warmed him up, you can insert the whole finger, but at first, this is undesirable. Inside, you will find a bulge the size of a walnut. This is what you are looking for – the prostate. Gently caress it with your finger, paying attention to the breath of your partner. Don’t be in a rush! It should be like a Usually, men reach orgasm in minutes of such stimulation.

Tip 4: penis massage should be included

The penis is one of the most sensitive organs, which can be easily excited with the softest touches or with one movement of a beautiful lady. In the massage, the ability to make pleasure last longer and enjoy each other energetically is very important, so stimulation of erogenous areas should always be at the end of the procedure. In addition, by stimulating lingam, you make it impossible for your partner to enjoy the massage because all other touches seem insensitive. So, the best decision is to postpone lingam caressing to the end of your romantic evening.

The classic tantric massage does not include caressing the penis of your man, it’s often included in massage services.

There is no certain strategy, just experiment and improvise, whatever you do will appeal to your man. Talk to him to understand his needs and desires, and watch him enjoying, as this helps greatly.


As you can see, tantric massage not only helps to get closer emotionally; it is an amazing tool that helps to show your feelings to your partner using the body. It is, first of all, a manifestation of your love for your partner.

Now you know how to please your man. Besides, you can present him with a session in our agency! Trust us, your man will remember it for long! We have lots to offer, both for men and women.