Couples erotic massage

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Couples erotic massage

  • Warm massage oil
  • Girls use them hands
  • Girls in sexy lingerie
  • Possibility to book male masseur
  • Dildo by request
30 min - 200 €
1 hr - 300 €
1 hr 30 min - 420 €
2 hr - 540 €

Couples erotic massage

Many of you may have heard about a special offer of many massage agencies – couples erotic massage. Many people are eager to try it but are feeling too shy to tell their partner about such a desire. Couples erotic massage is a good chance to get rid of any complexes and to get to know your partner better, so this sensual experience is certainly a must-try one. SweetTouch Erotic Massage Agency in Valencia offers couples to experience couples erotic massage, as this massage is like a therapy that can influence your relationships, changing those for the better. This massage will help both you and your partner to get rid of your fears while opening new horizons of feelings. Our masseuses are goddesses of erotic massages, so be sure both of you will be completely satisfied. The masseuse will release your tensions in a very slow manner to let you feel everything she will do with your bodies. Besides, couples erotic massage helps to feel more connected as a couple, as you understand your partner’s feelings and desires better watching how he/she reacts on a masseuse’s actions and movements. The happy ending will be insanely explosive, so consider this massage if looking for a completely new experience for two of you.

Couples erotic massage procedure

Erotic massage for couples is done in an intimate atmosphere for you to feel comfortable and relaxed. There will be candles, aroma oils, and romantic music, so nothing will make you feel uncomfortable. Each partner can select a masseuse to suit his/her taste, but it won’t be an easy choice, as all our ladies are extremely beautiful, passionate, and sexy. Having taken the shower, you will proceed to the massage session itself. A massage can be given either simultaneously or separately, it’s up to you to choose. As a rule, people tend to choose simultaneous massage most often, as it makes it possible to watch your loved one trembling with excitation, which makes your massage session much more pleasant. First of all, using lots of massage oil, our masseuses will caress your back, neck, legs, and arms to warm you up and to set up the right atmosphere. After this, the skilful hands of our masseuses will begin to explore your bodies looking for the most erogenous zones. Our seductive massage therapists will caress your most intimate area properly, so the happy ending will be really powerful.

Couples erotic massage benefits

Couples erotic massage is not only an unforgettable erotic experience, it is also a procedure that can help you to improve both your health and relationships. So, what are the benefits?

  • It helps you to understand your partner better.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Helps to get rid of complexes.
  • Improves your relationships.

As you can see, couples erotic massage is a priceless experience for couples facing some problems or for those just looking for a chance to get to know each other better. Our beautiful masseuses will make this experience unforgettable, so visit our gallery to select the most appealing ladies and call us right now to make a booking.

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
If you want to make your feeling brighter than ever, couple massage can help you with it. In SweetTouch, you can enjoy this amazing procedure together with your partner. all the prices can be found on the site.
Where can I find the best couple massage in Valencia?
Couple massage is a magical procedure that can literally change your life and make her fall in love with your partner once again. The best place to try it is SweetTouch Valencia. In SweetTouch, you'll be listened to and understood.
What is an erotic couple massage?
It's a sensual procedure you can enjoy together with your partner. Select one masseuse or two and watch your partner trembling with satisfaction. It's a great chance to improve intimate life in a family.

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