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Esalen massage

Esalen massage is a unique technique aimed at general relaxation and toning of the body. It developed in California at the specialized Esalen Institute. The advantages of Esalen technique are conscious touches that can affect a particular muscle clamp or a certain area of ​ ​ the body that needs to be restored. Each session of this massage is an individual one and is organized based on your needs and problems. Our Esalen massage is not only healing but also a sensual one, as at the end of a session you will be rewarded with a powerful happy ending. In Sweettouch Erotic Massage in Valencia, we’ll take good care of all parts of your body.
It is also worth mentioning that Esalen massage has its roots in Swedish massages. As we know, those are famous for the effect on the endocrine system. Swedish massages (as well as Esalen) reduce the level of arginine (the hormone of aggression), cortisol (the female hormone). Besides, it increases testosterone levels and immune resistance.

Esalen massage technique

There are no rules in Esalen massage, as it’s aimed at finding individual techniques and approaches for every person. The only fundamental condition is the maximum balance between the physical and emotional state of a person. The main peculiarity of this practice is that it is carried out at a slow pace. Our masseuse will caress each muscle to achieve a complete relaxing effect. The advantage of Esalen massage is its healing effect.

Esalen massage includes all the main massage techniques. When tapping and warming-up smooth and skeletal muscles begin to contract, which improves blood circulation. Then, stretching increases the elasticity of muscle tissue, relieves muscle fatigue, and positively affects the state of joints. Another technique used is stroking, which improves blood flow and lymph flow increases the rate of metabolism, eliminates swelling.

Once you are ready to proceed to the more intimate part of your session, a masseuse will proceed to your inner thighs, penis, and testicles to surprise you with slow massage techniques in these zones.

There will be many positive changes in your body after your massage session by Esalen technique:

  • improving the overall health of the body;
  • removing physical muscle clamping (after the first session);
  • relieving muscle pain;
  • normalization of emotions;
  • removal of consequences of improper rest or hard work;
  • improving your sexual health.


The procedure is prohibited if there are the any of the following contraindications:

  • damaged skin;
  • allergies to oils used during the procedure;
  • diseases accompanied by an increase in temperature;
  • a tendency to bleed;
  • untreated injuries and wounds;
  • cancer.

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If you’ve been looking for something new to try, Esalen massage is certainly a great choice. The skillful hands of our hotties will make your body and soul feel better. If you were googling “pleasure near me”, you are just in the right place. So, call us to make a booking and we’ll take good care of you!

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
How to understand whether the massage agency is reliable or not? The first thing is the variety of service offered, another thing is confidentiality level, and the last thing is pricing policy. All off those can be found on a SweetTouch site.
Where can I find the best esalen massage in Valencia?
Esalen massage can do miracles both to your mind and body. To enjoy it to the full, visit SweetTouch Valencia! In luxurious SweetTouch rooms, you will forget about all your worries and sorrows and will dive into the world of ultimate pleasure.
What is an erotic esalen massage?
The peculiarity of the technique are conscious touches that can affect different body areas, joints, muscles, etc. Series of procedures can do miracles to your body. Understandably, each ends with a bright orgasm.

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