Tantra massage

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Tantra massage

  • Oil massage
  • Full naked masseuse
  • Special technique by hands
  • Happy ending
  • Powerful orgasm
30 min - 170 €
1 hr - 250 €
1 hr 30 min - 350 €
2 hr - 450 €

Tantra massage is an amazing experience designed to help you feel the utmost pleasure and to become more confident because of revealing your sexual energy. The masseuse uses various techniques during the massage session, aiming at discovering your erogenous zones, stimulating those, and bringing you to the top of satisfaction. This massage is an ideal one for those looking for a procedure that would help to awaken energy not only in the genitals but also in the entire body. This massage can be called an immersive experience, as it aims at harnessing the recipient’s sexual energy and healing his body at once. Both breathing techniques and different types of genital stimulation will make you tremble with multiple orgasms people often experience during tantra massage sessions. Having tried this massage, you will have a wish to come back, as tantra massage makes men completely satisfied, much happier, and much more confident. Modern tantra massage is an erotic one, as erotic positioning and physical stimulation are used to arouse the recipient.

Tantra massage pluses

The health benefits of erotic massage tantra are numerous – as your sexual energy is revealed, you become more self-confident and happy. Sexual energy is an amazingly powerful thing, so it’s super important to understand how to control it. The benefits of this massage are uncountable, as it helps to understand how to control your orgasm, overcome erectile dysfunction, and even become more confident, both sexually and emotionally. It is a treasure both for men and women, so it is certainly must-try.

Tantra massage technique

The first important thing is the environment. Our masseuse will do her best to make the environment as warm and cozy as possible. There will be candles, relaxing music, and various aroma oils, that will certainly improve your condition and help you to feel good. Our lady will use special massage oil to make her touches more pleasant and satisfying. During your massage session, both you and your masseuse will be fully naked, so you will not only enjoy the massage itself but also will have a chance to watch an attractive young lady, doing her best to please you. The lady will begin with soft touches of her hands, aiming at awakening your body and improving your blood flow. Using plenty of massage oil, the girl will start to work on your back, shoulders, and arms, then moving to your buttocks and other sensitive body parts. Then, our hottie will also use other parts of her divine body to keep you aroused. Just imagine how amazing it will be to feel the softness of her skin all over your body, enjoy touches of her breasts on your back and gentle movements of her hands on your penis. Tantra massage for men also includes full lingam massage, so if you are looking for bright feelings, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Our ladies know how to treat a man, so be sure your erogenous zones will be caressed properly. Erotic massage tantra is not only about erotic experience, it’s about getting to know your body better, so you will not only experience an unforgettable orgasm but also get to know your erogenous zones better and learn how to control yourself.


What is the price of Sweettouch services?
What is money? It's just the tool that helps people to get what they want. Erotic massages from SweetTouch Valencia are worth it. You simply pay for a massage - but you get improved health and satisfaction instead.
Where can I find the best tantra massage in Valencia?
Incredibly beautiful ladies from SweetTouch Valencia are waiting for you to surprise you with the best tantra massage you've ever tried? Still hesitating? Browse the site, have a look at ladies, and it will be impossible to resist this temptation.
What is an erotic tantra massage?
Tantra is an ancient practice, key elements of which are breathing, energy flows, and emotional contact of two partners. This massage is practiced by couples frequently, as it helps to become closer with a partner.

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