Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage

  • Oil massage
  • Massage in sexy lingerie
  • Girl use her hands only
  • Happy ending
  • Powerful orgasm
30 min - 100 €
1 hr - 150 €
1 hr 30 min - 210 €
2 hr - 280 €

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a special therapeutic system developed by professor Per Ling in the 19th century. The peculiarity of this technique is working not only on skin and muscles but also on joints. Today it is very popular all over the world due to its simplicity and efficiency. In Sweettouch Erotic Massage in Valencia, we offer you an advanced variant of Swedish massage, as our masseuses take care not only of your legs, arms, and back, they also help you to release your sexual energy, as erogenous zones are caressed as well. The original Swedish massage technique is a system of certain movements that make blood circulation more active and restore the elasticity of muscle fibers. This massage helps the joints to return their flexibility and strength. It does not cause strong painful sensations. The main goal is recovery and sexual satisfaction, but weight loss is also observed. As a rule, people lose 1-2 kilograms (if they go through several procedures).

Swedish massage procedure

Before the procedure, the masseuse of your choice will heat her hands well and lubricate them with oil. Oil is not applied to the skin. Swedish full body massage technique includes several types of movements that stand in stages. The first stage is a slow stroking.

At this stage skin and muscles are prepared for the beginning of an active phase of the procedure. The skillful and soft hands of our hottie easily and gently stroke the skin. Then comes the next stage called kneading. The skin is kneaded, squeezed, and rolled – sweepingly and more intensively than at the first stage. It helps to warm you up in several minutes. Then, rubbing. At this stage, the skin is intensely rubbed with a palm. This makes it easy to increase blood flow and contributes to the healing of scar tissue. Rubbing allows you to work with deep layers of the dermis. Rubbing is also used in intimate zones, but it’s much more gentle. During the entire massage session, you will notice a certain rhythm that will result in complete relaxation. Rubbing, stroking, squeezing – it will be like a dance of pleasure and passion which will help you to feel like a god afterward.

Once all body of yours is ready to go further, here comes the most favorite part of many men – the erotic part. Caressing your erogenous zones, the masseuse will use techniques, that are similar to traditional ones, but more gentle. All in all, the benefits of this procedure are numerous.

Who can’t have a Swedish massage?

Like any other technique, Swedish massage has some contraindications.

Those include:

  • varicosity;
  • thrombosis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • tumors;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • hypertension;
  • skin diseases;
  • any mechanical skin damages, like burns and wounds.

Besides, it’s better not to choose Swedish massage if you have any diseases accompanied by high fever, like influenza, measles, and others.

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In Sweettouch Erotic Massage in Valencia, we are ready to offer you everything and even more. Numerous erotic massages combined with traditional techniques, beautiful multilingual masseuses, romantic and intimate atmosphere… This is not a full list of what we offer, so call us if there are any questions or make a booking right now! Relaxation near me – now it’s possible!

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
Some people expect from Swedish massage new feelings, while the others are interested in an orgasm only. Browse the site to learn what is included in the procedure in more detail and to get acquainted with the prices.
Where can I find the best erotic swedish massage in Valencia?
If you want to improve your health and get new experience with the help of an erotic Swedish massage, choose SweetTouch Valencia! In SweetTouch, you will be treated like a god, we guarantee you!
What is an erotic swedish massage?
The main peculiarity of this massage is its healing effect. Joints, muscles, and skin will be improved after several procedures. In SweetTouch, we offer erotic part too, so aside from the healing effect, you will also enjoy an explosive orgasm.

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