Opium massage

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Opium Massage

  • Oil massage
  • Full naked masseuse
  • Girl use her hands & body
  • Happy ending
  • Powerful orgasm
30 min - 100 €
1 hr - 160 €
1 hr 30 min - 220 €
2 hr - 280 €

Opium massage

Opium massage has its roots in the Middle East and India, the motherland of Kamasutra. Even a long time ago, people were interested in how to achieve complete relaxation and where to find an island of peace in everyday routine. A good massage is considered to be one of the best ways to relax. The main difference between opium massage and oil massage is that opium essential oil (a strong aphrodisiac) is used in opium massage. This massage is a complex of relaxing procedures for the whole body. The secret of the popularity of opium massage is extremely sharp and at the same time pleasant sensations that the client experiences during the procedure. Remember that your masseuse will be an extraordinarily beautiful lady, so it will be even more pleasant. Historically, it came from ayurvedic oil massage, where the whole body is smoothly worked out, especially the joints, spine, abdomen, and hands. But our opium oil massage is a little bit more “spicy”, as at the end of a session there will be an explosive orgasm.

Opium massage peculiarities

The main purpose of this procedure is a relaxing, soothing, and restorative effect on the nervous system. For this reason, japm vibe of this massage is the ideal remedy against stress. The body after this massage is much more flexible. Having experienced just one procedure, one can note a positive emotional state. Opium massage stimulates the excretion of toxins, helps to increase joints mobility, raises immunity, and adjusts mechanisms of body self-regulation. The main techniques in this massage are made with fingers and palms. There are pinches, strokes, rubbing, pressing. Masseuses perform different movements working on your body. As a rule, any massage session begins with warming you up and setting you into the mood. So, having caressed your back, neck, arms, legs, and abdomen, one of our sexy masseuses will gradually move to intimate areas of your body. She will be very gentle with your penis and testicles, so your body will soon be trembling with a powerful orgasm.

Opium massage benefits

Opium massage has no contraindications. The only exception is fungal skin diseases.

Those who enjoy this massage frequently enjoy a number of benefits:

  • insomnia and fatigue disappear;
  • body and emotions are in harmony;
  • energy is restored;
  • there is no depressive state;
  • skin becomes softer and moisturized;
  • a cosmetic effect appears (cellulite disappears).

Opium essential oil also has numerous benefits. It has an analgesic, antispasmodic, and relaxing effect. It has a pleasant bitter aroma. Most often, this oil is used for meditations, but it is also widely used in erotic massages. Opium oil is used for therapeutic purposes, as it helps to cure insomnia, to get rid of nervous and physical exhaustion, to relieve attacks of hypertension and migraine.

This oil also helps to clear the mind and increase mental acuity. Besides, it relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. It is often used for cosmetic purposes, as it has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair, skin, and nails.

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
Everything in this world can be bought. Is this good or bad? Nobody knows. But we are convinced it's great that one can buy erotic massage services for a reasonable amount of money. Find all the details about current prices on the site.
Where can I find the best private opium massage in Valencia?
The place to enjoy an erotic opium massage must be safe, cozy, and reliable. SweetTouch Valencia is an ideal option. A variety of skillful masseuses, full confidentiality and privacy and the highest quality of services make this place the best one.
What is an erotic opium massage?
The opium massage has come to us from the motherland of Kamasutra. During the procedure, the girl applies special opium oil, which is a great aphrodisiac. The lady uses both her hands and body to provide maximal satisfaction.

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