Interesting facts about erotic massages

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Interesting facts about erotic massages 1

Erotic massage is one of the oldest ways to improve health. As we know, ancient civilizations used such massages to improve libido and get rid of muscle pain. Ancient India, Greece, Rome, and Egypt is not the full list of where such procedures were loved and widely used. Nowadays, such procedures are still popular.

Erotic massages: not as simple, as it seems

Many people (both men and women) choose erotic massage services, considering those a great, easy, and affordable way to improve health, relax, and, of course, experience an orgasm. Nevertheless, there are still many misconceptions about such procedures, which makes some people hesitate. In this article, you’ll get acquainted with some interesting facts about erotic massages that will help you to understand this sphere better.

  1. A good erotic massage influences not only your body but also your mind. Physical benefits of such procedures are obvious, but few are those who know that a skillful masseuse can influence one’s mind as well. Touches of the lady’s gentle hands lead to dopamine release, which improves your mood and makes you much more optimistic. Oxytocin and serotonin are released as well. So, it makes you feel much better both physically and mentally. Your mood stabilizes.
  2. In your brain, a massage gives the same kind of pleasure as sex. Many people who enjoy erotic services regularly admit that it can be even better than sex. The same hormones are released, that’s why brain reactions are the same. Our sexy masseuses know how to arouse you, so we assure it will be an unforgettable pleasure.
  3. It relieves pain. Although the procedure itself is aimed at sexual satisfaction primarily, there are different techniques used, which helps to get rid of the pain. It is known that healing massage has the property of relieving pain from the most sensitive body parts, such as joints and back. Erotic massage, unlike healing massage, is not painful for the client, while not losing its healing properties. We offer both traditional and healing services, so have a look at those in our gallery.
  4. An hour of a good massage is compared to 8 hours of sleep. This fact is especially interesting for those who work hard. If you are tired of everything, such a procedure can help you to feel completely renewed within an hour! It’s like magic, isn’t it? It is known that Julius Caesar loved such procedures very much, using those as a cure for epilepsy.
  5. Hippocrates was a massage fan. This fact is probably the most surprising one. But it’s true, the father of medicine enjoyed massages on a regular basis, being absolutely sure it’s one of the best tools against a variety of illnesses (both mental and body ones) and infections.
  6. Certain types of procedures can help to make your body look better. Human skin is the largest organ, so it’s understandable we should take care of it to look and feel good. Those who visit massage parlors often notice that their skin gets better. Besides, such procedures, as Thai, Shiatsu, and deep tissue also help to reduce cellulite.
  7. Massages are widely used by sportsmen. It is difficult to imagine any professional sports team without a masseur, as this is the best way to relax and have a good rest within an hour or even less. Our services include not only caressing your back, arms, and legs. our ladies will take care of the most sensitive body parts of yours, which will lead to the brightest orgasm ever.

Now you know a little bit more about massages. As you can see, it’s an interesting experience each person should try. Its beneficial effects are obvious, so you are welcome to visit SweetTouch in Valencia to enjoy it!