The history of erotic massage

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The history of erotic massage 1

The art of erotic massage has an ancient history. Obviously, having no idea about medical, healing, and massage, people tried to give their partner pleasure with touches. So, erotic massage appeared, probably at the moment when one of the partners showed a willingness to devote several minutes of his life to the pleasure of another person. Later on, such a procedure became popular. They were used both for medical and sexual purposes. Even female hysteria was treated using erotic massages.

Unfortunately, we have no historical evidence of ancient times. Therefore, we still have some later data that helps to identify characteristics of such procedures around the globe, their peculiarities, and differences. So, we divide erotic massages into two main schools – Asian and European.

Asian school

The Asian School of erotic massage originates from such well-known techniques as Tantra yoga and Kama Sutra. Initially, all these techniques implied intimate intimacy between partners. Nowadays laws in most countries of the world draw a fairly clear line between erotic procedures and their logical continuation.

In our agency, you can select from a variety of procedures, but please mind that sex is not included. In modern erotic massage, some basic techniques of ancient procedures are used. These are, for example, tantric principles, such as establishing contact with a partner at an emotional level, the concentration of attention on a specific area of ​ ​ the partner’s body, abstraction from the surrounding world.

Perhaps the most famous Asian procedure that is still very popular nowadays is Thai massage. Initially, it was a very intimate procedure, as it was performed by vaginal muscles. For this, the girls were trained, starting from the age of 5. And the results of these training sessions were truly impressive. The massage of the whole body, which we now call Thai, is just a relaxing procedure that leads to a happy ending. Asian women gave this massage to men, working with hands and breasts until the man fell asleep. One can enjoy the modern version of Asian massages in our agency.

Chinese techniques

In the Chinese erotic massages, techniques related to the impact on certain points on the human body were used. For the Chinese, it was very important to prevent too quick ejaculation, so they identified several points, the impact on which could extend sexual intercourse for hours. In addition, the Chinese practiced special training, both with and without a partner, the purpose of which was to control the erection, its duration, and intensity. As you can see, some modern procedures aim at the same. A vivid example is lingam massage, which helps men to control their bodies better.

Indian experience

Indian Kama Sutra, in addition to a variety of poses, has introduced aromatic and excitatory oils into the culture of erotic massages. The huge variety of oils served not only for aesthetic and recreational purposes but was also a kind of means of communication when a particular smell or method of applying oil caused certain desires and emotions. Nowadays, there are many oils used in massages.

Those include:

  • coconut oil;
  • bulb oil;
  • grape bone oil;
  • jojoba oil;
  • ylang-ylang oil;
  • black cumin oil;
  • rose oil and more.

Japanese exotic massages

The peculiar culture of Japan has brought us a Shibari massage. Ropes are used during the procedure, the whole body of a man/woman is fixed with them, which causes unusual and bright feelings. The procedure is carried out in such a way that ropes of different thicknesses act on certain areas of the body with different degrees of intensity, while nodes massage different points. Such an exotic procedure causes slowly increasing erotic excitation. Nevertheless, nowadays this massage type is not very popular.

European school

As for the European school of erotic massages, sex is not included, but the procedure still ends with an orgasm. The main principles of European massages are obtaining new tactile sensations, relieving psychological and physical stress, getting rid of muscle tension, and pain. A bright orgasm is just a pleasant bonus. European massages are aimed at relaxation and satisfaction. They include medical, psychological, and sexual components.

Nevertheless, there are certain laws and boundaries. In SweetTouch Erotic Massage in Valencia, you can enjoy all types of erotic massages and ask for additional services, if needed.
The school of European erotic massage itself was formed quite late. The art of erotic massages appeared in the 2nd half of the twentieth century. Esalen and Swedish procedures are the most modern among all European massages.

The modern world is developing continuously, which brings changes to all spheres of human life, and erotic massage is not an exception. Just a few decades ago it was treated as an exotic and not a very decent way to relax, but now erotic massages are accepted as an important component of general sexual culture. Nevertheless, some misconceptions still exist, which makes people feel afraid and shy about such procedures.


All in all, erotic massage is not just a procedure that helps to get rid of tension and relax. It’s an art of touch that can do miracles to your body and make your whole life better. Now you know a little bit more about the history of this art. As you can see, it has been used for many centuries in different forms, so there is no need to question its beneficial effects.

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