What Happens in a Female Happy Ending Massage

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What Happens in a Female Happy Ending Massage 1

Female happy ending massage is a kind of game where touching alternates with gentle strokes and caressing of the most intimate body parts. Such a massage was popular in ancient Egypt, India, China, and Japan. High-quality erotic massage can be as enjoyable as sex itself. Moreover, if it is given by your beloved partner. But if you don’t have a partner at the moment, it’s not a problem at all, as you can enjoy the best massage in SweetTouch.

Why is this needed?

The main goal of erotic massage is not excitement, but relaxation. This massage has a positive effect on sexual energy, harmony of feelings helps to achieve emancipation, and get acquainted with the erogenous zones – your own and your partner (if given by partner). It awakens new sexual feelings and emotions and improves relationships between partners in general.

General principles

What Happens in a Female Happy Ending Massage 3Massage nuances are important when performing erotic massage for both men and women. Paradoxically, during an erotic massage, you need to communicate and talk. That is, to discuss your feelings. Understandably, this requires a special setting. Complete peace, disconnected mobile phones, soft, dim lights, calm music, scented candles. The room should be warm so as not to be distracted or get goosebumps.

In the process of massage, it is good to use a cream, but of the most natural origin. The pungent smell can spoil everything. When it comes to aromatic oils, ideal scents for arousal are orange and patchouli, cinnamon and bergamot, jasmine and iris, tuberose, and ylang-ylang.

The girl should be in a relaxed state, for this the lady can take an aromatic bath before the session. The intensity of the movements during the massage should be “built-up” gradually. It is worth starting with gentle circular caressing touches, later moving on to warming up (intensifying rubbing), even later – to energetic ones (“kneading the dough”, pinching).

Other movements used in erotic massage include vibration, finger massage with fingernails or pads, tongue and lips, breast massage. A special art is a massage with your own body. You can lightly touch your partner or cuddle up to him and “create friction”, as well as using improvised items, such as feathers, pieces of fur, delicate silk, or denser velvet.

It is expected that the “performer” or “performer” of erotic massage is supposed to be in a nude state, but a woman can be covered with something light and airy.

Peculiarities of female happy ending massage

Erotic massage for women is not too different from massage for men, and the same scheme can be used. But there are some peculiarities, and not only in relation to the “secret organs”. The main female erogenous zones are breasts, hairy body parts, toes, arms, abdomen, especially the lower part, buttocks, outer and inner thighs. That is, when massaging the back, special attention is paid to the sides and waist, and abdomen massage is also performed.

What Happens in a Female Happy Ending Massage 5Speaking about breast massage, special attention should be paid to it, because women’s breasts are more sensitive than men’s. But this also dictates special caution, you need to avoid unpleasant sensations. The breasts should be caressed with circular movements. if done by a partner, he can kiss and lick them. And all this must be done without much pressure and fanaticism. A separate emphasis should be placed on the chest area.

Another thing worth paying attention to is the massage of the most intimate places. Here, soft and rhythmic movements of the fingers are used, and when areas are found that are particularly responsive to affection, they are caressed more intensively. Similar caresses can be used for the famous G-spot – a spot under the pubic bone.

Preparation for a procedure

A man cannot be called a skillful lover if he does not know how to give a woman an erotic massage with a happy ending! Not many men possess the art of erotic massage, and only a few have the ability to give an erotic massage to a woman and bring her to an orgasm with its help.

  • Women are of the nature of a subtle mental organization, so, as we have previously mentioned, an erotic massage should be done in an intimate setting. It is recommended to create a romantic, intimate atmosphere. To do this, it is worth starting to intrigue a woman long before the process itself, send her an SMS with a hint that a pleasant surprise awaits her in the evening.
  • So, you have intrigued your beloved woman. Now you should make sure that no one can interfere with you, you should be absolutely alone in the apartment, and there are no options! While the woman is not at home yet, prepare a small romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, cheese, and fruit, as well as a place for an intimate massage and massage oil.
  • An intimate massage should be performed on a soft, moderately hard surface, in a warm, draft-free room. For this, a sofa, a floor covered with something will be perfect. Besides, get a roller or thick pillow to put under the buttocks for better access to the genitals.
  • Women, as a rule, do not like a bright light in an intimate setting, some because of their shyness concerning what their naked body looks like, some for their own reasons, but it’s better to take care of it and make the light dim, or use candles.
  • When a woman comes home, begin to look after her exquisitely, undress her, take her to the bathroom, put her under the shower, gently cover her body with soap foam, wrap the lady in a towel or let her put on beautiful lingerie. After this, it’s high time to proceed to the romantic dinner.
  • After a light snack and a casual conversation, proceed to the most important, erotic massage with a happy ending! To do this, you need the massage oil to be slightly warmed up, so as not to deliver uncomfortable sensations to your beloved. Lay the woman down on the massage spot.

How to perform it

Erotic massage with the happy ending must begin with a regular massage, so do soft massaging movements of the neck, arms, back, buttocks, legs. Then let the woman lie down on her back, and massage her breasts, abdomen. After this, proceed to massage the woman’s genitals, liberally lubricating them with warm massage oil.

It will look really beautiful: the moans of a woman, her wet lips whispering your name…Be sure she will be delighted, the orgasm from the massage is amazing, and the woman gets a colossal emotional release. Just imagine her feelings, when only she is given attention, she can completely relax and forget about everything in your hands and enjoy sexual caresses, not thinking about anything but pleasure.

Yoni massage can make the procedure even better

Japanese massage Yoni is an erotic massage of the female genitals. It is done with the use of massage oil or simple unscented olive oil, so it will not be difficult for a man to deliver the most delightful, intimate moments in her life to a woman with the help of a yoni massage!

In general, yoni massage is an ancient tantric practice. And initially, it is intended not for the satisfaction of a woman, but for the disclosure of her femininity. After all, many women do not really know their bodies well, as well as the most secret erogenous zones. That’s why this procedure can be an ideal addition to the ordinary erotic female massage.

In Japanese yoni massage, the entire female organ is massaged: labia, clitoris, vagina, with very soft and stroking movements. By the way, it is contraindicated to massage the clitoris and anus at the same time, as harmful microorganisms can be brought in. Therefore, you need to choose one thing.

If you learn how to massage the yoni, you will love the woman and her body more, trust each other more, which will help build harmony in your relationship. After all, yoni massage teaches a normal, not prejudiced attitude towards the genitals of a woman.

Your lady has hardly ever received so much attention from anyone else, and you will give a woman this amazing feeling of bliss when all your attention belongs to her. A loving woman will appreciate your yoni massage, even if everything will not work out perfectly the first time.

Effect on physical health

People may have different opinions about erotic massage, but first of all, it is just a massage with all its beneficial properties. Similar to classical massage, the same techniques are present in female erotic procedure – stroking, squeezing, kneading. Accordingly, these techniques have the same positive effect on the body. So, let’s have a look at all the beneficial effects.

Improving blood and lymph flow

In erotic massage, there are a large number of stroking and squeezing techniques. These techniques greatly affect the acceleration and improvement of the outflow of lymph from tissues. We can say that in terms of its therapeutic effect, erotic massage is comparable to lymphatic drainage. This means that erotic massage helps to eliminate congestion in the tissues, especially in the pelvic area.

Accordingly, the risk of various diseases decreases, tissue nutrition improves, and immunity increases.

Improving the condition of the musculoskeletal system

The impact on the muscles during an erotic massage is, of course, less than during a classic one. However, it turns out anyway. Accordingly, there is a relaxation of muscles, removal of clamps, spasms. Muscle nutrition improves, decay products (toxins) are removed. Deep relaxation of muscles occurs, among other things, due to the strong effect of erotic massage techniques on the central nervous system.

Improving skin condition

As it was previously mentioned, erotic massage includes a large number of stroking and squeezing techniques. These techniques greatly contribute to the removal of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, improving the blood supply to the skin. This makes the skin softer, healthier, velvety. The use of oils during massage helps to moisturize the skin, making it more pleasant to the touch. Thus, erotic massage rejuvenates.

Effects of the procedure on mental health

Such a magical procedure as female massage affects the mental health of a woman from two sides. First, like a massage. That is, the rule of the effect of massage on the nervous system is applied. Secondly, the impact occurs by resolving the natural need of each person for sexual satisfaction.

Improving the state of the nervous system

What Happens in a Female Happy Ending Massage 7One of the stages of erotic massage according is relaxation. In particular, a number of relaxing techniques are used, which leads to a great effect. This is such an effect on the central nervous system, during which, something like a “reboot” of the brain occurs. The state into which a woman is introduced is similar to the state between sleep and wakefulness.

The brain cannot think about anything – there are no problems, worries, nothing distracts the woman from pleasure. The brain is simply resting! Such a state, even for 15 minutes, will provide more benefit to the central nervous system than a night of sleep.

Satisfaction of the sexual need

For some, erotic massage is just sexual pleasure. But, the need of a woman (like a man) for sexual satisfaction is as natural a need as to eat, drink and sleep! A person who is deprived of the opportunity to satisfy his natural needs cannot be healthy. A sexually satisfied person is less prone to depression and more resilient in stressful situations. Simply put, a satisfied woman is a healthy woman!


As you can see, there are several options to make a woman happier with the help of erotic massage. You can either give it by yourself or let your girl enjoy it in a massage agency. Both options are great: in an agency, the approach will be more professional, but a procedure given by a loving man will make the relationships stronger.

Female happy ending massage has numerous benefits:

  • Helping ladies to reach orgasms easier.
  • Teaching them to understand the needs of their bodies.
  • Improving health (both mental and physical).

All in all, this miraculous procedure is what each woman has to try.