What is Body to Body Massage?

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What is Body to Body Massage? 1

Having a huge choice of modern erotic massages, men face difficulties when choosing a technique to try. This implies especially to those men who haven’t tried erotic massages before. Our recommendation is to start your erotic massage adventures from the body to body massage. Let’s get to know what it actually is and how to give it.

The essence of the procedure

Body to body massage is a unique procedure during which the whole body of a masseuse (or your partner’s body) is involved in erotic caressing. It is performed with plenty of oil, and both parties must be fully naked. Interested in how to give it? We’ll tell you.

Step 1: prepare the place

For a body-to-body massage, you need a lot of space. Therefore, first, look for an ideal place to give the massage. And this is not necessarily a bed. Firstly, there is not enough space on it. Secondly, even if you have a royal bed, the mattress can be stained with oil (you will need plenty of it).

If during the massage you will think about how to wash everything after your experiments, then you (and your partner) simply will not be able to relax. Or even worse, you will be constrained in your movements, trying to keep the oil from dripping anywhere. The best option is to choose the floor. Just cover it with something soft, like yoga mats, and place blankets on top. The main thing is to be soft and comfortable.

Step 2: atmosphere

Body-to-body massage is a whole erotic art. It’s not only about tactile sensations and stimulation of erogenous zones but also about exotic experiences. Well, it’s impossible to imagine new exotic experiences when the TV is on in the background and the smell of food comes from the kitchen.

We mean, the right environment will give the process a sexy vibe and help you to relax. A suitable atmosphere can be created quite simply and regardless of where you currently live. So, for a suitable atmosphere, you need to do several things:

  • turn off the phones, close the doors – so that no one bothers you;
  • light an aroma lamp and candles;
  • put on some romantic music.

Here is an additional lifehack: if you don’t know where and what kind of music to look for, then look on the Internet for something like “music for Thai massage.” There will definitely be something suitable.

Step 3: oil

As you already understand from the name of this practice, body-to-body massage is the sliding of your body over your partner’s body. And this requires a large amount of oil. There are several important points to consider when choosing an oil.

The oil should be special, that is, it should be suitable for contact with the genitals. The fact is that during the massage you will be in contact with the whole man’s body. So, ordinary oils can cause allergies or irritation in intimate areas.

The oil should be warm. If it is cold, it can cause discomfort. Place the bottle of oil in a bowl of warm water to make its temperature comfortable.

Step 4: techniques

Now, let’s have a look at specific techniques that can be used during the process.

Relaxing foreplay

Before proceeding with the most piquant, you need to relax your partner. To do this, give him a little relaxation massage. Here you can apply the Palm Leaves technique: with long, firm strokes with your hands, go over your partner’s entire body. Pay special attention to his legs. Foot massage activates sexual energy. Stroke the foot from the heel to the toes.

Erotic show

Body-body massage is not only pleasant but also beautiful. Cover your body with oil with slow and flexible movements. Lift the bottle of oil and gently pour it on your chest, on your entire body, and then on your partner.

Rules and techniques

Ideally, a body-to-body massage should end with a happy ending. What choice you make is a matter of mood, passion, and imagination. But so that the happy ending does not happen too early, massage should be started from the “partner on the stomach” position.

The massage is done with the whole body. You can use your chest, abdomen, genitals, buttocks, and face. During the massage, you need to slide over your partner’s body. You can touch it lightly, you can touch it more intensely – it depends on how ready your body is for maximal intimacy of the process.

So, the partner is lying on his stomach, where to start? Start doing chest massage. Slide over your partner’s body, drawing shapes or letters. The process depends on you completely, so turn on your imagination and both of you will benefit from it.

Allow yourself to orgasm

If you organize a massage in accordance with the rules listed above, it will inevitably lead to sexual arousal. Don’t hold yourself back. Orgasm will become a bright exclamation mark at the end of an erotic game.

A dessert

All of the above is definitely important. These are pieces of one puzzle. But there is one more main nuance, without which everything else will not make any sense: pleasure from the process. It’s not bad when you do it all for the sake of a man, but it’s perfect when you do everything for the sake of mutual pleasure.

Do everything with love – that’s the most important rule you must stick to. You can just pour oil on yourself, as if you are flirting with yourself. Or move through your partner’s body, feeling how your erogenous zones vibrate from contact with his body. Try to enjoy the process to the fullest. Your partner will feel it and will enjoy it as well.

Is it possible to enjoy this massage in erotic massage agencies?

Understandably, giving this message by yourself is not the only option. You (or your partner) can enjoy this marvelous procedure in SweetTouch Valencia. Body massage for you will begin with taking all the clothes off and taking the shower. The whole atmosphere will contribute to the most vivid perception of everything that happens.

This massage includes gentle and affectionate stroking with female hands, contact with the girl’s body, as well as stimulation of erogenous zones. Complete relaxation – that’s what you will enjoy. You will experience extremely bright feelings that you have never experienced before. We guarantee you will have a wish to repeat this more than once.

The number of pleasures is unlimited for you, so you can also choose additional types of massage and services. Body-to-body procedure is also therapeutic, it has been known for a very long time.

Nowadays, this service is becoming more popular every day, so almost all agencies offer it. But it’s essential to make the right choice not to run into an unreliable company.

In our agency, it is a relaxing and wellness procedure. It is very important that the massage is done correctly, because if a masseuse does not know how to give it, you will not experience that pleasure. Moreover, it can even cause harm. In SweetTouch agency, just the most experienced masseuses work, which means you will have a chance to enjoy the highest quality of services possible.

To make a booking, stick to the following procedure:

  1. Browse our site to learn more about procedures you are interested in (there are detailed descriptions of all procedures, so it will be easy to understand who is who).
  2. Select the lady. In our gallery, you will find professional photos of our girls.
  3. Call us and make a booking!