What is Lingam Massage

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What is Lingam Massage 1

Lingam is a phallic symbol that in ancient Indian mythology was displayed as an erect penis. So if you see a combination of these two words – lingam massage – you should immediately understand that this massage service will include erotica.
Believe me, such an action (without sexual contact) will not only surprise you but will also throw you into a wild orgasm. But is this possible without sex? It is definitely possible if a real pro is giving you a massage. After all, massage will be built not only at work with the penis, but also with the whole body, on which there are many erogenous zones.

If they are properly stimulated, then even before touching the lingam, the man has the strongest arousal already, which he can barely restrain. A massage session performed by a professional masseuse can not only satisfy physical needs but also leave the guest in a state of euphoria for long hours.

The historical roots of a Lingam massage

The concept of Lingam massage refers to ancient Indian mythology. In India, it is a symbol of the god Shiva, associated with the concept of renewal. Translated from Sanskrit, it means “rod of light.”
It is impossible to tell the exact time when in ancient India they began to honor Lingam and worship its power. It is believed that such a ritual appeared from the beginning of the first half of the 1st millennium BC. It is not excluded that the cult of the penis could exist much earlier.

What is the essence of massage?

So, what lingam massage is? Lingam massage is a session during which most of the time is spent on penis stimulation according to the ancient technique. But if you start from the active actions of this most sensitive area immediately, then orgasm will clearly not be strong enough and desirable. So what is the procedure?

Lingam massage stages

  • The procedure begins with a general massage of the body, which will last literally 10-20 minutes. During this time, a sexy masseuse will relax your back, work on arms and legs with circular tight movements, and intensively smash buttocks. And at the end, she will carefully walk along the inner thighs.
  • When the preparation is over, the girl can make several touches to the nipples of the man and the navel area. She will be very playful and insanely sexy. This small introduction before a more exciting action will only make it hotter and aggravate the feelings of a man who will be expecting something very pleasant.
  • After this, the masseuse will begin stimulating the penis actively. She will do this very skillfully, using diverse techniques.

What is the difference from the usual masturbation of the penis

During the massage session, movements and touches provide orgiastic reactions that differ from the usual ejaculation. The result of practice is a kind of “dry” multiple orgasms a man experiences.

Hand movements during the procedure have nothing to do with ordinary masturbation: it affects the contraction of the penile muscles by rhythmic movements. During massage practice, there is a complete integration of sensations: touches help spread consciousness throughout the body and concentrate it in the genitalia.

Spiritual impact

Many men report after the session that they have never experienced anything like this. Pleasure is like waves going from the center in the penis area. This procedure is a rare opportunity to reconsider your ideas about sensuality and pleasure, which have been laid down since the beginning of life. This unique tantric practice makes it possible for you to get rid of negative emotions, increase spirituality and internal harmony.

The issue of hormones is worth our attention too. During the practice, a powerful release of hormones associated with pleasure, joy, happiness occurs: oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin, dopamine are released. These natural antidepressants create a sense of well-being, saturation, pacification. The level of cortisol (stress hormone) is also reduced.

What are the benefits of Lingam massage?

Now, let’s focus on the positive impact of this tantric practice on health. The beneficial effects are the following:

  • Provides energy inflow and “dry” orgasm.
  • Increases potency, improves erectile function.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation.
  • Significantly improves the hormonal background.
  • Helps to get rid of stress and depression.
  • Improves blood circulation and provides a stable erection. normalizes the outflow of lymph.
  • Increases awareness and spirituality.
  • Removes internal barriers and clamps, eliminates complexes.
  • Gives an incomparable pleasure.

To sum it up, lingam massage teaches you to control sexual energy better and manage sensual impulses. For example, if a masseuse notices that you are close to orgasm, she stops. This is repeated 5-6 times per session. After a few sessions, you will learn to control premature ejaculation.

Massage tips

Here are several tips that will help to make the most of it and enjoy the procedure to the full.

  • Before practice, it is advisable to relax to the maximum and prepare internally: take a hot shower or bath, prepare for pleasant sensations.
  • There should be no distractions in the room. To create a suitable environment, aroma candles, muted light, and romantic music are suitable.
  • Before the session, visit the toilet. Frequently, the session lasts for several hours, so make sure nothing will distract you.
  • An optimally selected position is the key to successful practice. It is better to sit on your back for maximum relaxation, spread your legs, and let a sexy masseuse take care of you.

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