What it is like to be an erotic masseuse: comments of experienced masseuses

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What it is like to be an erotic masseuse: comments of experienced masseuses 1

Many people visit massage parlors frequently, as nothing can help to relax better than a good erotic massage. There are many myths about those, but who can explain all the details better than a masseuse? Besides, many people wonder what it’s like to work with human bodies. So, from this article, you will get to know the answers to the most common questions people are afraid to ask about the job of an erotic masseuse.

Being a masseuse: pluses and minuses

Understandably, providing erotic services includes pluses and minuses. Not every lady can become a masseuse, one should not be shy, she should love working with people and shouldn’t be afraid of touches. Here is the list of confessions of the experienced erotic masseuse that will shed some light on this mysterious job.

  1. It’s not as easy as it seems to get the job. Many people think that any girl can become a professional masseuse, but it’s absolutely wrong. Some ladies just feel shy about being naked, some are afraid of the people’s reaction to such a job. If the lady has decided to try and is sure she will be able to work, she will be taught everything. The main thing is the desire to work, the lack of fear of undressing.
  2. It’s important to understand men. Of course, it is also important to understand men, as well as male physiology. People come to massage agencies to relax, distract, so the girl should be able to help them with it. All the SweetTouch masseuses complete courses to become true professionals.
  3. It can be emotionally draining. Some clients talk a lot during the session, having forgotten that the aim is to relax and enjoy. As a rule, a masseuse has several clients during the day, so if all of them are rather talkative, it’s easy to get tired emotionally very quickly. Of course, you can ask some questions or have a casual conversation, but there is no need to inform the lady about your dog’s name.
  4. A majority of masseuses like their job. Girls decide to work as erotic masseuses, to try themselves, but it often turns out that they like this job very much. Such work helps to raise self-esteem and feel more confident. Besides, ladies feel happy watching what they can do with male bodies. So, yes, it satisfies both the masseuse and the client.
  5. It’s better not to ask for sex. Erotic massage is considered legal prostitution sometimes, so people may expect there will be a continuation after the massage. Of course, they are informed in advance there won’t be anything of that kind, but some still try to ask for it. Erotic massage agencies are fully legal, and masseuses are not prostitutes, so be discreet.
  6. If you don’t like something, it’s better to inform the girl immediately. Sometimes it may be difficult for a masseuse to understand what you like and what you don’t. All people are different, so if there is something you are not okay with, just let the masseuse know about it and she will change the technique or massage scenario. If you feel pain, don’t wait for it to fade away.
  7. Women like erotic massages the same as men, they are just shyer. Girls visit massage parlors not as often, as men. Often, they come to experiment or if lacking tacticity. Ladies often admit that with their man they did not experience such bright emotions. It is understandable, as men do not pay attention to touches, and caresses, they proceed to sex immediately, which makes it difficult for girls to reach orgasms.


As you can see, such a job is not as easy as it seems, it requires lots of skills and careful preparation. A good masseuse is the one who likes touches, human bodies, and the entire process of energy exchange that takes place during the procedure.