Where is Nude Massage Legal?

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Where is Nude Massage Legal? 1

Many people are interested in erotic massages and are eager to try those. A good procedure performed by an experienced therapist can do miracles both to your mind and body. But some are afraid to try such a pleasure because of being afraid it’s illegal. It’s completely wrong. Erotic massages are not considered prostitution, so services of this type are fully legal.

There are many great ways to relax, but erotic massage is one of the most favorable relaxation methods since its impact significantly increases sexual sensitivity in both men and women.

What is erotic massage?

Where is Nude Massage Legal? 3Ero massage has many names. For example, you can find such names as “intimate,” “body-to-body,” “body massage,” “nude massage.” But regardless of the name, one thing does not change – this is a wonderful way to get unforgettable feelings and emotions. Here are the peculiarities of the procedure performed in an agency:

  • performed by a masseuse who is absolutely nude;
  • can be done both by hands and breasts, buttocks, and other parts of the female body;
  • does not provide for sexual contact of a visitor and masseuse.

A high-quality intimate massage can bring a receiver to the maximum point of enjoyment without direct sexual intercourse. The best erotic massage in Valencia can be enjoyed in SweetTouch agency – full confidentiality and privacy are provided.

Types of erotic massage

Conditionally, erotic massage has several types. The main ones include:

  • classical;
  • urological – solving problems that are inherent in the male body (lingam and prostate massage are included in this category);
  • female – exclusively for the women (lesbian, yoni, etc.);
  • Thai – includes elements of classical and Thai techniques.

What are the benefits of erotic massage?

In addition to increasing sexual sensitivity, gaining immense enjoyment, incredible pleasure, and relaxation, Ero massage has a number of healing effects:

  • relieves stress accumulated during a day;
  • helps to overcome chronic fatigue;
  • improves the nervous system and stabilizes mental health, allowing you to cope with overloads;
  • stimulates blood circulation, as well as reduces and even eliminates pain in the back and lower back;
  • in some cases helps to combat overweight;
  • effective in combating heart rhythm disturbance, increased sweating, and improper digestive system operation.

Of course, first of all, intimate massage is performed to increase the sensitivity of the client and increase his sexuality. These procedures do not have side effects or contraindications (but some of them have contraindications, for example, deep tissue or Thai massage). Everyone can be enrolled in classic Ero massage sessions, regardless of gender, sexual experience, or marital status. Among the advantages of erotic massage are the following:

  • after half an hour of muscle massaging and the use of other techniques of erotic massage, the client receives complete relaxation and a surge of cheerfulness is felt;
  • this procedure has a favorable effect on the human skin, as a result of which there is an improvement in blood circulation and the skin becomes more resilient;
  • erotic massage promotes the release of sexual energy, having a positive effect on the nervous system.

Erotic massage is performed by a nude master and includes both erotic and classic caressing techniques. First, the masseuse begins to carry out classic techniques and then goes on to use erotic techniques. Diverse intimate techniques allow the client to better understand his body. If the person has problems associated with sexual life, a good intimate massage that ends with a powerful happy ending will help to cope with all of those.

Why are these services so popular?

Where is Nude Massage Legal? 5The orgasm was given to man by nature in the process of evolution so that he would not lose the desire to reproduce. After all, this is an energy-intensive and life-threatening process: you need to constantly fight rivals. Therefore, the very first ejaculation in a man is accompanied by bright sensations, that is, orgasm. From the point of view of neurophysiology, orgasm is a reflex caused by irritation of trigger zones in the genitalia.

In modern man, sexuality is, first of all, a relationship. The state of love changes the state of the brain, internal drugs are released: neurotransmitters, which are responsible for joy, hormones of empathy, and passion.

A good erotic massage is a fully legal way to become happier and even to become healthier.

Who are the visitors?

Most of the clients of massage agencies are businessmen. They are tired of work, they do not have time for relationships or seduction of the girl, the wife is somewhere far away on a business trip or pregnant. Many married men come to agencies to enjoy a quick, easy, and legal way to relax and get rid of tension. They are looking for new experiences, they want to get away from the routine. Girls also visit places of this type. As a rule, they want to try something new or are dissatisfied with their sexual life.

Many people (both men and women) become regular clients of erotic agencies. Ladies admit that with their man they did not experience such bright emotions. It is understandable, men do not pay attention to touches, and caressing. Speaking about men, they are just looking for diversity.

Some clients are looking for ladies with big (or small) breasts, or wish to find a lady of a specific appearance. In SweetTouch Valencia, the selection of ladies is really impressive and will certainly satisfy any taste.


Plenty of men are dreaming about erotic massages, that’s the truth. In SweetTouch erotic massage agency in Valencia, each person can enjoy amazing services of different types without being afraid it’s illegal. Massages are considered legal activity, so all responsible agencies operate officially, without being afraid of the law. So, if you want to try something new, come to our brand-new agency and explore new horizons.