Erotic Massage in Moncada

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Moncada is 25 minutes and 11.2 km away from Valencia. It will take 15-20 minutes to get to Valencia, it is connected to the capital of Autonomy by the first metro line Valencia-Betera. Also, an intercity bus runs on this route.

The distant suburb of Valencia

Moncada is a distant suburb in the north of Valencia, more than 10 km away. The town area is 15.6 km2, there are 21 802 people there. The town is distinguished by a developed infrastructure, schools and universities, there is a prestigious area with villas and a well-groomed green adjoining territory. It has one line of the metro, trains go every 35 minutes. The place is far from the sea, about 15-17 km.

Why choose erotic massage in Moncada?

Erotic massage using aromatic oils is a pleasant and useful procedure necessary for the full life of a modern person. Today the service is available in the Valencia region.

Soft, light full body massage, touching different parts of the body is one of the most pleasant sensations for a person of any age and gender. Light or intense massage of the erogenous zones has not only a relaxing effect but also gives the necessary relaxation. This service is provided today by professionals working in Sweettouch salon. In the process, all body clamps are eliminated – cervical, dorsal, pelvic, genital, vitality rises. Erotic massage improves potency in men and reveals sexuality in women.

In Sweettouch massage salon the following services are provided:

  • express massage – for those who have very little time. The session consists of a general massage effect and one relaxation. The total duration is 30-40 minutes;
  • classic massage with two relaxations – it lasts a little over an hour, twice “passing” from the impact on the whole body, to the most intimate areas;
  • tantric massage – in addition to general or classical, the client is offered two relaxations, kisses and a shower with a pretty masseuse, an erotic show with one, two, or even three girls;
  • erotic massage for women – performed by a gentle girl or muscular guy, includes both a general massage (from the tips of the fingers to the roots of the hair) and one or two episodes of relaxation. Optional – joint shower, private dance, body to body massage;
  • massage with four hands – unique sensations guaranteed. The entire body is stimulated almost simultaneously, including intimate areas. The procedure lasts an hour and includes an unlimited number of relaxation episodes;
  • massage for a couple – increases sensuality, the level of trust between partners. It is carried out by one masseur in turn for each or by two masters for both clients at once. At the end of the session, the lovers are left alone.

As an addition to any of the sessions, lingam massage, lesbian and gay massage, nuru massage (performed with the whole body), peep shows, lesbian shows with the participation of the most sensual nude girls are possible.