Erotic Massage in Puerto de Sagunto

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The ancient city of Puerto de Sagunto is full of attractions that have accumulated over 23 centuries: lovers of archeology and walks along the winding streets will have a great time here.

Places of interest in Puerto de Sagunto

The high hill above the city is occupied by a huge fortress, whose walls are remembered by Roman legionaries, ruthless Berbers, and Aragonese knights. The battlements offer a beautiful view of the city, the sea glistens in the distance. The visit is free, but you need to be careful to wander through the picturesque ruins, they are falling apart before our eyes.

The ancient Roman theater was more fortunate, it was restored and reconstructed, the repertoire includes ancient tragedies and modern shows. The Greco-Roman festival of drama, music, and dance SaguntaEscena takes place here in summer.

Artifacts from different eras discovered during archaeological excavations are exhibited in the Historical and Archaeological Museums near the main square. The bell tower of the Gothic Cathedral of St. Mary rises above the tiled roofs, narrow alleys lead into the labyrinth of the Jewish Quarter.

During Easter week, colorful processions move along the streets of the Old Town. In October, the Moors and Christians festival takes place with historical reenactments, and in March, the Las Fallas fireworks carnival.

Nightclubs and restaurants can be found in the modern part of Porto de Sagunto. From here, the beach “Playa” stretches to the south, and to the north – “Almarosa” and “Malvaroza”, awarded with Blue flags. An industrial monument of a new era rises between them – a blast furnace of a metallurgical plant that was shut down at the end of the last century.

How to get there: from Valencia by train C6 from the Valencia-Estacio Del Nord train station or by buses No. 115f, 046; travel time is 30 minutes.

Best erotic moments of massage in Puerto de Sagunto

We all know about the benefits of massage, but few use erotic massage in their lives, as it relates more to the culture of the East. In ancient times, they knew that impact on certain points of the body is not only beneficial but also pleasant. In China, acupressure techniques were used to control erection in men, prolonging intercourse. India is renowned for its art of touching with energizing oils.

However, full body massage brings not only a lot of pleasure, but also contributes to the development of sexual potential, the awakening of sexual energy, and its release. It enhances sensitivity and sexual function. Regardless of age, marital status, and sexual experience, it is good for everyone. It enriches the sex life and strengthens family relationships.

Its purpose is to arouse a partner, create favorable conditions for sensual pleasure, and, as a completion, for a full and timely orgasm. Like any other massage, erotic massage has a beneficial effect on the skin, musles, and internal organs, it awakens the flows of vital energy, has a strong effect on our mental state, on the mental health of a person. It allows you to liberate sexual energy and helps direct it in the right direction.

Among types of erotic massages in Sweettouch salon are:

  • Lingam;
  • Lesbian;
  • Body to body Nuru;
  • Gay;
  • Tantric.

The massage consists of kisses, touches, aromatic oils, pleasant music, gives an amazing feeling of harmony and satisfaction, helps to relax as much as possible, and at the same time gain strength for new achievements.