Erotic Massage in Gandia

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Gandia is located about 3 km from the sea, on the Costa del Azahar, 65 km south of Valencia, and 116 km north of Alicante in the middle of the La Safor area between the sea and the mountains. The city is located 22 m above sea level.

The city has about 75,000 inhabitants, which easily doubles in the summer during the holiday season.
The city of Gandia is divided into two parts. Port of Gandia with a modern tourist center (Grau I Platja) and the center of the old town, which is located near the coast. The city not only has excellent infrastructure, but also a rich historical heritage.

Sights of Gandia

The founder of the 16th century Universidad of Gandia Antigua Universidad with a Baroque facade was Francisco Borgia, who contributed to the flourishing of the general culture and science of the Jesuits. Francisco Borgia was later canonized.

Another attraction in Gandia associated with the name of Borgia is the Palau del Duc, the Doge’s Palace, which was built in the late Gothic and Renaissance style in the 16th and 17th centuries. Borja Palace, located at the highest point in the city, is one of its most visited attractions.

Additional points of interest include:

  • On the main square of the Old Town, Placa de la Vila (Constitucion), there is the Church of Santa Maria, in the people of La Seu, and the town hall, in front of which there is a statue of Sant Francesc de Borja (Borja Francisco);
  • Hospital de San Marc;
  • Anticua Universidad de Gandia;
  • Santa Clara Monastery;
  • City Hall;
  • Monastic church (built on the site of an old mosque).

The city of Gandia is like a miniature version of Valencia. The city has a lot of charm and a special twist. For the 500th anniversary, in 2010, the city has been rebuilt, renovated, and decorated in places. In coastal areas, mainly in the area of ​​waterless ravines, walking paths and a small, idyllic park oasis have been created.

The center has always been beautiful! Boutiques, shops, restaurants, and stylish cafes are intertwined there. They are all so close to each other that they can be easily reached on foot. A large garage is located directly at the start of the Esplanade.

Indian erotic massage in Gandia

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The Indian body to body massage begins with the head: this feature allows you to have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the human brain and memory. The massage uses light strokes and vibrations. Next, a full body massage is performed, based on a deep study of all muscles, special attention is focused on the back and spine. For the massage, special balls (crystal, ringing, wooden, “cat’s eye”) of different diameters are used. Then it’s time for the erotic part of the massage. As already mentioned, Indian massage affects your erogenous zones, the wizard masseuse exquisitely touches your nude body with her breasts, back, buttocks. In addition, she performs a massage of bioactive points in the sacrum and buttocks – and this allows you to reach the peak of bliss.

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