Erotic Massage in Jativa

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Jativa is a small town in the province of Valencia with a population of about 30,000 inhabitants. The city is located 50 km from the Mediterranean coast. Culturally and historically, the city is one of the most important cities in the region. Jativa is also famous because the first paper in Europe made by the Moors appeared here in 1150. Earlier in Europe, rice straw was used for this purpose.

The city is located at an altitude of 115 meters on the Sierra del Castillo mountain range, surrounded by an amazingly beautiful landscape – in a picturesque area of ​​hills, vineyards, orange trees, and cypresses. Jativa is located about an hour’s drive from Valencia. In recent years, the city has really expanded, but you can still find many old quarters and beautiful medieval monuments here. In fact, this small town will bring true delight to lovers of Spain.

Places to see in Jativa

Among the many attractions of the old town, represented by a large number of historical buildings and monuments under protection, there is the huge medieval castle “El Castillo”. The castle was built over several centuries, as evidenced by the presence of different styles in it. The castle is an imposing Gothic fortress that sits on the slopes of Mount Vernissa and dominates the city. El Castillo covers the entire mountain. The fortress is divided into two parts. At the entrance, you can see that there are actually two castles – on the left side there is a smaller “Castillo Menor”, on the right – a large castle “Castillo Mayor”. Throughout its territory, you can find remains from all periods of Spanish history.

From the summit, there is a delightful view of the town of Jativa and the surrounding picturesque countryside. There is a small restaurant just outside the castle gates where you can eat before or after the tour. The restaurant’s terrace also offers beautiful views.

The popularity of erotic massage in Jativa

Full body massage in Jativa, practiced today, also involves the use of several additional means to achieve the maximum of relax. These are special baths for hydromassage, massage tables and armchairs, aromatic sticks, and essential oils. All this, in sum, gives an amazing result – skin rejuvenation, mental and physical peace, and with a regular visit to the Sweettouch salon, tantric or lingam body massage will give your body unprecedented lightness, help you forget about annoying headaches and aching bones.

Fortunately, our salon also offers you not only classic erotic massage services but also body to body massage. It can be like:

  • Thai,
  • Stone,
  • Sports,
  • Indian,
  • Lesbian
  • Gay.

It all depends on your preferences and wishes. After all, Jativa is a city of great opportunities. Try happiness, try body massage, and you will fall in love with it forever.

The truly qualified staff of the Jativa body massage salon will help you to relax, a cozy atmosphere will allow both you and our nude masters to enter a harmonious state, which will create a new, unprecedented experience for you.

Among other things, we practice an individual approach to each client. The excellent masters of the salon will work with all muscle groups, including their deep massage. In addition, do not forget that body massage can be different. Both classical and aromatherapy, tonic, even tantric massage. A body massage will allow you to relax after a hard day’s work, will have a positive effect on all parts of your body, and will allow you to keep your body and soul in perfect order. What can we say about the well-known rejuvenating massages in Jativa.