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Liria is a small town located in Valencia, north of the regional capital. In ancient times, there was a city of the Iberians called Edeta, and today Liria is known as the musical capital of the region.

The best time to visit Liria
It is best to go for a relaxing exploration of Liria and its attractions on spring or autumn days when the city is about 20 degrees Celsius and the weather is often nice, because in July and August it is hot and there are many tourists, and it often rains in winter.

What to see in Liria

You can start exploring the sights of Liria from its religious monuments, for example, from the very Church on the Blood, which was built on the site of a mosque in the 13th century and retained both ancient Arabic elements, as well as Romanesque and Gothic, then you can walk to the Baroque that replaced it in importance. After relax in a hotel you can walk to the Renaissance palace of the Dukes of Liria built at the end of the 16th century, the ancient monastery of St. Jerome, to the Silvestre de Edete Museum, to the 12th-century Arab baths, and Gothic medieval furnaces.

You can get to get to Liria from Valencia:

  • by bus: line 145;
  • by metro: line 2;
  • by car: along the CV-35 highway.

Best erotic massage in Liria

Many are interested in what is an erotic full body massage? This is a type of massage that:

  • is performed by a completely nude masseuse, while the client is also completely naked;
  • performed body to body both by hands and by the chest, buttocks, and other parts of the female body;
    performed without sexual contact between the client and the masseuse (without intimacy);
  • as a result of the erotic massage, the visitor of the salon is brought to the highest point of pleasure by the girl.

Our salon of erotic massage Sweettouch is a wonderful world where we know how to expel fatigue and the effects of stress, seasonal blues, and just hunger for affection from the body by touch.

What could be more pleasant than gentle or persistent touches with warm palms, which an attractive brunette or blonde expertly leads over your body? Under the hands of any of our girls (and not only hands :)) you will completely forget about the existing world for some time and plunge into the unknown space of absolutely new, vivid sensations. Quiet music, subdued light in the room, and the delicate surface of the bedspread on a wide bed will only enhance the overall delightful impression. Time will freeze, and only two will remain in the entire universe – you, and the wonderful masseuse, who every second thrills your soul and body.

Having once visited our well-known erotic massage salon Sweettouch, you will definitely want to become its frequent visitor – it is difficult to get fed up with the desired sensations, after which you want to soar, love, create. Here you will find all the types of the erotic massage, as tantric, lingam, nuru. Even gay and lesbian massage is possible in our salon. After all, each of our employees is a skilled craftsman, who knows about the sensitivity of human skin and its secret, but passionate desires, much more than a client himself. Not many people understand body language, but even fewer are those who are able to skillfully, correctly, and in time to respond to its requirements.

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