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Bétera has numerous and attractive tourist resources that make it, among other things, a destination for tourism due to its privileged location near the Congress Palace and the Trade Fair, which favors the attraction of tourists who come to participate in this type of events. Bétera extends to the foot of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, which makes it have a high-quality natural heritage typical of Ecological Tourism. This is a suburb of Valencia, 15 km away from it. The fourteenth stop from the central intersection of the metro lines. It is a quiet and cozy municipality, the urban landscape of which is made up of low-rise and private houses.

Bétera is the metropolis of Camp de Turia in the Valencia province of Spain. It is located on the southern slopes of Serra Calderon. It is the second most colonized city in the Camp de Turia Shire. It borders the sea and mountains. It is located at a distance of 23 km from the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its location against the background of the sea and mountains, it has a slightly sloping surface. This Spanish city can be accessed via roads and railways as well. Bétera has various road connections. The main roads are the Burjassot-Torres road, the Betera-Olocau road, and the San Antonio de Benaheber road.

What to see in Bétera?

The heritage wealth of Bétera with a huge amount of resources to visit is the main ingredient of Cultural Tourism.

  • Les Coves de Mallorca, the popular ceramic tile panels,
  • Els Aljubs,
  • Els Catxerulos,
  • the archaeological site of ‘Tos Pelat’,
  • the aqueduct of ‘Mas de Baró’, ‘la villa romana de L’Horta Vella’,
  • the farmhouse of Bofilla,
  • Las Masías,
  • the Castle.

And, of course, the bunkers of the Civil War, together with an extensive religious heritage and the ‘Festes de les Alfábegues’ or the ‘Mare de Deu d’Agost’, are some of the samples for your sightseeing.

Erotic massage in Bétera

When your body is tired, it tells you about it. The main thing is to hear him and take timely measures, get rid of fatigue, stress, tension, and continue to live happily and calmly. There are many different ways and methods to relieve stress, but you can really relax with a full body to body massage.

Body massage is not just a massage, it is a whole art that was brought to us from eastern countries. Its purpose is to give ecstasy, plunging into a state of euphoria. After all, body massage is one of the types of erotic massage.

How does body massage work?

Body massage is carried out with the help of gentle, exciting, affectionate, unhurried, one might even say exciting movements of the hands and the nude, beautiful body of the masseuse. It’s just an incredible feeling! Body tantric massage creates a wave of excitement that overwhelms not only the body but also the mind. Just imagine a luxurious, beautiful, young female body, which is very tender for you, but at the same time passionately caresses you, not missing even a centimeter of your body. This is the peak of pleasure! What can be better than a body massage for stress and fatigue? Maybe only a lingam massage, or even lesbian and gay massage.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with us at Sweettouch. Having felt the positive effects of body massage on yourself, you will feel the lightness of the whole body, as well as the rejuvenation of the body.

Having visited the salon Sweettouch you will understand that you are in heaven, and divine mistresses will give you unforgettable bliss and erotic pleasure. By the way, you choose the master of body massage for yourself.

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