Erotic Massage in El Puig

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El Puig is 15 km away, 27 minutes to go to Valencia. The town of Puig is known both among the local population and among visitors. The main attraction is the Royal Monastery of Saint Mary (Real Monasterio de Santa María de El Puig). It is very popular because there are various ceremonies (baptisms, weddings) and at very high prices. You yourself know that for many – a high price is prestige, coolness, an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Europeans in general are reserved people, but this monastery does not go unnoticed by many local people getting married.

What to see in El Puig

El Puig has convenient transport links:

  • motorways V-21 (Valencia – Barcelona) and A-7 (Valencia);
  • local RENFE train C-6 (Valencia – Castellón de la Plana);
  • hourly bus to Valencia from El Puig beach.

But there is no metro line, travel time to Valencia by car 20-30 minutes.

In El Puig, you can also see the ruins of the hilltop fortress tower, the Museum of Printing and Graphic Arts (el Museo de la Imprenta y lasArtesGráficas).

There is also a football school in the village of Puig: C.E. Campo Césped Artificial. There is an international school Waldorf in Puč (EscuelaInternacional Waldorf Valencia).

We can also mention the Pocoyo Park (Parque De Pocoyo) – a great place for children. Pocoyo, a character in an English cartoon for toddlers, is very popular in Spain.

Erotic massage in El Puig is possible

Erotic massage is one of the oldest relaxation methods. It is also a good way to build a strong bond between two people. It is easy to express tenderness and trust through massage. Erotic full body massage is a great way to better understand the feelings and preferences of a loved one, and general sexual massage has a strong stimulating effect.

Types of erotic massage:

  • Erotic Thai body massage. The peculiarity is that the effect goes on the whole body – from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head. The massage is performed body to body with all parts of the body. It pays special attention to the erogenous zones and genitals.
  • Aqua foam massage. This massage is done in the bathroom with the addition of foam. Relaxation is achieved by sliding one body against another.
  • Tantric massage. The main feature is the massage of the genitals. Also stimulates all erogenous zones. Massage movements are performed with naked bodies using oils and incense. The massage is carried out in an Indian atmosphere.
  • Sakura branch. It is distinguished by gentle nibbling, tongue, and lip touch.
  • Aquagel massage. It is produced in the shower with the breasts and buttocks using a slip gel.

In all these types of massage, in no case should a nude girl tear herself away from the partner’s body – even when reaching for a jar of oil.

It is important to know that before you decide to take a course of any massage procedures, including erotic ones, you should definitely consult a doctor.