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Mislata is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain, located in the province of Valencia, Huerta Oeste. The city of Mislata is bounded by the old riverbed of the Turia river in the north and the new one in the south. It is the closest suburb of Valencia, although it is considered a separate municipality. Previously, Mislata was part of one of the districts of Valencia, now it has become an independent suburb. In recent years, Mislata has been developing at a rapid pace.

Is Mislata worth it?

The name “Mislata” comes from the Arabic manzil ‘Aţā’ – “Ata’s inn” – this is the place where travelers, heading inland of Valencia, stayed.

Mislata is a fairly small municipality, and of course, if you want to enjoy the architecture and other attractions, it is better to go to Valencia:

  • The center of Valencia is 15 minutes by car.
  • Bioparc Valencia, a unique place where animals live close to the natural environment, is 10 minutes away.
  • Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences is 20 minutes away.
  • The park in the dry bed of the Turia River is 5-10 minutes away.

Nevertheless, there is also something to see in Mislata itself.

Mislata can be accessed by road via the V-30 highway, or from the city of Valencia via Avenida del Cid and Calle Valencia. It also has lines 3, 4 (night), 7 and 29 of EMT buses, and lines 3 and 5 of Metro Valencia.

Perfect Thai erotic massage in Mislata

Thai massage has an ancient history. More than two thousand years ago, a personal healer of the Indian king named Javak Kumar Bhashi and a personal friend of the Buddha created massage, on the basis of which all modern medicine is based. Nowadays, this type of massage is called THAI, since the main branch of its development took place not in India, where it originated, but in Thailand. This massage was formed in the bosom of Thai culture with its special philosophy.

Thai massage is an art: an opportunity to establish a mystical connection between the participants in the process. Even the masseur’s breathing occurs in tune with the physiological impulses of his visitor. Such a connection is based on a kind of universal energy, which is represented by two opposite entities: of course, it is Yin and Yang, complementary to each other. This relationship occurs at different levels – just like in the immense Universe, it can appear in various corners of the human body. Yin and Yang are simply meant to coexist in strict balance.

The purpose of the practice of traditional Thai massage is precisely, mainly, to deeply relax and, at the same time, to actively fill with vitality, and, accordingly, to create that amazing state of harmony. At the same time, important physiological processes take place in parallel (an increase in joint mobility, an increase in the tone of blood vessels).
Thai massage is based on techniques that affect not so much the muscular system of the human body as its energy zones (the so-called biologically active points and meridians). Therefore, it can be compared with shiatsu acupressure and reflexology.

However, in Thai massage, the action is not performed on a local zone – here the full body is involved in the process: from the tips of the toes and hands (where, as you know, many points responsible for various systems and organs are concentrated) to the crown of the head.

The main technique of Thai massage is pressure, which is performed not only with the hands but also with the elbows, as well as the knees and the whole body in general.

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