Erotic Massage in Paterna

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Paterna is a nearby suburb in the north-west of Valencia, on the distance of 4 km. The area of ​​the town is 44 km2, the number of people is 69,156. It has one metro line #2, trains go every 35 minutes. It takes 12 minutes to get to the center of Valencia. It is quite far from the sea.

What to see in Paterna

Paterna with its long history has many interesting places to visit. You should definitely go see the Tower of Paterna, it is of Arab origin, it was used as a defense. If you are searching for castles and palaces, then see Counts of the Villapaterna Palace, a lordly palace built by the Counts of Villapaterna in 1760. The Museum of Ceramics is located in the Village Square in the old town hall and hosts one of the most important collections of ceramics from Valencia. There are also St. Peter’s Church, Antonio Ferrandis Bolshoi Theater, The Teatro Capri, Natural Park of the Turia River.

Erotic massage in Paterna

If you do not resort to special terminology, massage is the most effective means of relaxation – it is a good rest, an opportunity to be filled with new strength or just relax. After all, this is not only a mechanical effect on certain parts of your body. The central nervous system plays a leading role in this important way of healing. In addition to the external result (tonic effect, healing processes), massage allows you to achieve harmony and balance of the main systems of the human body.

Sweettouch will become for you that island of tranquility, which will give you a charge of positive energy. The extraordinary ideas of our talented nude girls will help you achieve perfect relaxation, feeling the harmony of body and soul through light ecstasy. We create the necessary conditions for an ideal holiday for you!

Arriving at the erotic full body massage parlor Sweettouch, the client seems to be in a fairy tale. A mysterious atmosphere filled with delicate aromas of bliss, incredible comfort, and pleasant music. The work of the salon is organized so that clients do not collide with each other – this is a guarantee of complete confidentiality. Having chosen the masseuse they like, the visitor receives a clean towel and disposable slippers, goes to a separate room, and takes a shower. The masseuse puts the client with their stomach down, starting from the feet, moving along the thighs to the back and buttocks. Then the visitor turns over, the massage continues in the area of the arms, chest, abdomen, smoothly moving to the intimate areas. In the process, every fold of the body is worked out – even the space between the fingers and toes.

In our salon, any client can find everything they need. We provide erotic massage of many types:

  • Lingam massage,
  • Lesbian massage,
  • Gay massage,
  • Nuru body to body massage,
  • Couples massage, etc.

Come to our salon in Valencia and receive the best services that you will never forget.