What to Expect from a Tantra Massage?

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What to Expect from a Tantra Massage? 1

Very often women, hearing the word “Tantric”, think of something very pleasant, that they would like to learn or what they secretly dream of. As well as the Tantric dream, Tantric massage is based on the same philosophy, a way of life, and even religion. All this makes tantra. What does it mean? The word “tantra” appeared in Sanskrit, and consists of two words which in translation mean “to expand freedom”.

The essence of a massage

Tantric massage significantly differs from other types of massage. Its purpose is relaxation and directing energy to heal and deep cleansing of a body, mind, and soul. The relaxation and strengthening of skin, clarification of muscles, and internals are the result.

Before going on a session of Tantric massage, it’s essential to find detailed information on this process. If you don’t do it, you can be very surprised. So, let’s try to make everything clear for you to understand what to expect from this ancient practice.

  • Massage is carried out at weak lighting, both participants of massage, as a rule, are naked, the massage therapist gently touches the body, trying to achieve the release of the blocked energy. It is important to forget about the outside world and to dive into what happens to you at the moment, to enjoy the blissful touches of the massage therapist covering your body with massage oil.
  • Some types of Tantric massage are focused only on a genital massage (lingam – penis, and yoni – vagina). The purpose of this procedure is in filling an organism with energy, to get feelings of pleasure and ease, to get rid of shame, to experience excitement, and, subsequently, to reach a physical and mental orgasm. Remember, first of all, that the level of touches during massage is determined by you!
  • Tantric massage is suitable for all people. The only restriction connected with the extent of touches is age (you must be 18 to visit an erotic tantric massage).

The goal

Tantric massage is aimed not only at improving physical state and health but also at increasing the sensuality of partners. The goal is a full unification of the man and woman and their harmonization at the sensual and mental level, understanding themselves as an integral part of nature.

The effects of tantric massage include an increase in sensuality and feminine attractiveness in women and masculinity in men. Because of a large number of negative emotions, the correct functioning of 7 chakras is broken. As a result, we are haunted by bad moods, depression, fears, failures in life, sexual impotence. To achieve harmony, it is necessary to activate the work of all seven chakras, bring thoughts and feelings in order.

  • Professional massage therapists care for the atmosphere during the session, as it plays an important role in your relaxation. You will see cozy and lonely space, the muffled light, candles, aromas of a sandal-wood tree and patchouli, quiet meditative music. It will create a mood of sensuality and pacification. Tantric massage can be performed on a soft mat or a carpet that is laid on a floor.
  • Thanks to the use of oil during massage the masseuse can deeply study body muscles, without causing any discomfort. Besides, aromatic essences that are added to oils help to awaken energy and create the required mood, providing a therapeutic effect. For this purpose, a couple of drops of essential oils are added to the refined olive oil. For example, the lavender oil calms, orange gives joy and good mood, jasmine, patchouli, a sandal-wood tree help to awaken passion. Some essential oils are warm, others provide the cooling effect.

Preparation for the massage can be divided into two components: external and internal.

  1. An external part consists of the preparation of the surrounding for massage and creating the right atmosphere. Special attention should be paid to room temperature – it has to be comfortable for a naked body. It’s better to choose the lighting of the room so that you could barely see each other. As a rule, it is easy to make it by means of candles, having placed them about the room. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that no extraneous sound is suddenly heard during the massage – turn off all possible sources.
  2. Internal preparation for massage consists of the achievement of a special mental and psychological state. If your partner is close enough to you, then it is much easier to achieve it. There are many techniques for entering the desired state, but the most common due to the simplicity of execution are only a few of them.

For example, before you synchronize your breathing, start breathing correctly yourself. To do this, close your eyes and concentrate on each inhalation and exhalation, feel them and observe them. To set up breathing together, you need to lie on your side and snuggle tightly against each other. The man should put his palms on the area of the woman’s heart. When she inhales, he exhales. Feel each other’s breath, concentrate on it until it becomes yours.

The technique

Speaking about the tantric massage technique, it should be mentioned that there is no strict sequence of certain movements here, since all movements, as well as their intensity, are only the consequence of the movements of your heart and soul. It is possible to touch any areas of the body since each of them can become an erogenous zone, that is, a zone of exchange of sexual energy transmitted through touches.

Try to imagine how your fingertips radiate it, as it accumulates in your palms, pours out on your partner’s body. Such touches bring much more pleasure than the usual routine sex. The duration of the massage itself is not regulated in any way and depends only on you two.

Your partner is not the only option you have if eager to enjoy this unique experience. SweetTouch sexy masseuses perfectly know how to bring you to the top of satisfaction.

Advantages of tantric massage

An experienced master of tantric massage can bring the patient into a state of complete satisfaction, peace, and harmony with body and thoughts. In addition, tantric massage has a number of other advantages.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that it helps to reach the peak of enjoyment. Sexual arousal is not the ultimate goal of tantric massage, but most people experience a sense of arousal during the procedure.

This state is quite natural because massage is aimed at creating a border between the body and the mind, the tantra opens up a new horizon where feelings begin to triumph over thoughts.

Gentle, but skillful touches eliminate all thoughts that interfere with relaxation and enjoyment, an experienced and qualified masseuse can bring the patient to the peak of enjoyment, orgasm if you want. The level of qualification of the specialist is of great importance if you decide to try tantric massage, so be sure to contact the salon with a proven reputation and qualified staff. SweetTouch is the best choice, as we have only professional masseuses.

Therapeutic properties of tantric massage

Modern life is full of stresses, and this affects not only the quality of life but also our health. Headaches, heartbeat disorders, and high blood pressure are not on the full list of stress-related disorders. Stress is not a myth, so anti-stress therapy is becoming more and more popular.

Eastern medicine attaches great importance to the power of the human body. It is believed that the internal resources of a person, receiving proper stimulation can eliminate the disease or prevent it. However, these resources can work only in a state of complete pacification of the mind and body. It is extremely difficult for modern people to reach the level of spiritual and emotional calm, so tantric anti-stress practices, first of all, are aimed at removing consciousness from what is happening around them.

Tantric massage is often accompanied by aromatherapy, tactile stimulation, and pleasant relaxing music. The correct combination of therapy with the accompanying components makes it possible to achieve a complete predominance of physical sensations over thoughts. Stress disappears due to the gentle and incredibly pleasant touches of a skillful masseuse.

Tantric massage allows the person to enjoy the full depth of feelings and physical sensations that were unfamiliar and unknown before. A sense of perfect harmony with one’s own body fills a person with energy, makes it possible to take a fresh look at the world and understand the body at a new level.


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