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Oriental Massage

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1 hr 30 min - 190 €
2 hr - 250 €

Oriental massage

The oriental massage system originated from Asian countries, where it is widely used nowadays. Since ancient times, people have noticed a connection between the spiritual and physical condition of a person. So, if there is constant tension, excessive aggressive state, or depression, the body suffers as well, so it’s vital to get rid of those. The nervous system, muscles, skeleton, joints, organs, and brain conditions may change for the worse. So, there is a cure that will help you to solve all of these problems at once (in most cases, several procedures are needed). Beautiful ladies and the best procedures near me – if you are looking for it, you are just in the right place. Our sexy masseuses will gladly take care of your body, so if you want to get to know more about this thai practice, you are just in the right place.

Oriental massage peculiarities

Traditional oriental massage is a great way to prevent and treat diseases while enjoying this super satisfying procedure. Unlike European massage, while giving you oriental massage our sexy masseuse will focus on not only certain muscles and joints but also at the so-called biologically active points. This helps to turn on reflex mechanisms and trigger latent body reserves. With oriental massage, you can get rid of a number of acute diseases, and in many cases, quick results will pleasantly surprise you. Oriental massages are also effective in treating many chronic diseases. This massage type involves channels called meridians, which are responsible for life energy. Add a beautiful lady doing all these procedures to you and voila – you are in a paradise! Lesbian oriental is also available.

Oriental massage procedure

The oriental massage begins with stroking, so our sexy masseuse will take care of your skin. At this stage of your massage session, functions of the sebaceous and sweat glands are activated. On your back, the girl will move her hands along the spine – from the neck to the coccyx and back.

Transverse rubbing is another technique you will enjoy during the massage. It includes stretching of body tissues. While rubbing, the lady will start with your coccyx, then slowly gliding to the cervical area, slightly shifting your skin. Due to such a warm-up, blood and lymph circulation improves. The whole process can be divided into three phases: muscle grasping, muscle squeezing, and, f course, the most intimate stage – an explosive happy ending you will experience at the end of a massage session. The intensity of the girl’s movements will increase gradually. About 50-60 movements are usually made per minute, just imagine such a pleasure.
It will be warm in the room, and there will be relaxing music so that you will feel comfortable and safe. Before the procedure, it’s essential to take a warm shower.

All oriental massage techniques are performed towards the nearest lymph nodes. All body parts are caressed, including your back, neck, arms, hips. More intimate body parts of yours will also be caressed properly, so be sure you will get the best physical and mental relaxation ever.

Oriental massage contraindications

There are also several contraindications for this massage type. If you have some of the following, it’s better to choose another massage type, as we have lots of them.

Acute inflammatory processes;

  • skin diseases;
  • injuries or severe skin irritation;
  • varicose veins, and tumors.

Enjoy the best services

In Sweettouch Erotic Massage in Valencia, one can find numerous erotic massages, so it will be easy to select the one you like most. Our beautiful ladies will surprise you with amazing massage techniques, so be sure it will be an unforgettable experience one can only dream about.

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What is the price of Sweettouch services?
Really good things are never free. This applies to massages too. To enjoy excellent services, one has to pay for those. But the game is worth the candle, we assure you. On the site, all the prices are indicated.
Where can I find the best oriental massage in Valencia?
SweetTouch Valencia ofers excellent oriental massage services. beautiful sweetTouch ladies are goddesses of seduction, so we guarantee your experience of oriental massage will be one of a kind.
What is an erotic oriental massage?
Oriental massage has come to us from the Eastern countries. It focuses on body relaxation and both mental and physical satisfaction. The procedure both relaxing and arousing, so those who try it are usually surprises with the depth of feelings.

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