Erotic Massage in Benidorm

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The sights of Benidorm in Spain and relaxation in this tourist capital and main city of the Costa Blanca are a fantastic synthesis of impressions. National flavor, deep history, magnificent buildings of antiquity along with towering, urban skyscrapers, picturesque nature, and beaches, as well as just a myriad of entertainment – all these are the features of rest in Benidorm!

Attractions of Benidorm

Benidorm, whose attractions are not limited to the historical direction, cover a large cultural and entertainment layer. This city is not in vain called a fantastic Spanish combination of New York, Las Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro.

Places to see in Benidorm:

  • Church of St. Jaime and St. Anne. The main Catholic church of the city, built in the 18th century on the Kanfali hill, is the pride of the city. Equipped with night illumination, the cross of the church creates a unique image – against the background of the blue-black sky and billions of stars, as a symbol and amulet, as if it hovers over the city;
  • The Grand Bali Hotel is a 210-meter giant skyscraper – the tallest building in Europe;
  • Balcony of the Mediterranean – a panoramic observation deck on the cliff;
  • Plaza de Toros is the main square where bullfights are held;
  • Palazzo Benidorm is a grandiose music hall;
  • Torre Morales Escaletes is an impressive 16th century lookout tower ruin;
  • Tossal de Cala is an ancient Iberian settlement.

Precious moments of erotic full body massage in Benidorm

Body tantric massage will give you many unknown sensations. Its lightness and sensuality will allow you to relax. Erotic massage truly relaxes your muscles, and on the contrary, sharpens your senses. This is due to the agonizing slowness of the abundance of caresses you receive. Body to body massage is able to maximize the erotic potential of your body, of course, leading you to orgasm.

You will forget about the bustle of the surrounding world and everyday worries, erotic body massage will fill you with life-giving energy, giving you a calm, unhurried relaxation with its special, incomparable pleasure. Gentle unhurried movements will only occasionally turn into fast and tantalizing ones: the incredible sensuality of the body massage will certainly captivate you with its magic. Sexual fantasies combined with a super-powerful erotic charge, a languishing duration of what is happening, as a result, will present an incredibly explosive climax.

In our Sweettouch salon, body massage is a complex procedure. The first part is a classic general relaxing massage of your entire body (from toes to fingertips, a charming nude masseuse will work all muscle groups, giving you an unforgettable experience). The first part of the body massage lasts 45 minutes. This is followed by the second part – erotic (its duration is 15-20 minutes): here the girl gently and nicely slides her body (chest, tummy, buttocks) according to yours, thus, bringing you to complete relaxation.

Except for full body massage, at Sweettouch you can receive lingam massage, lesbian and gay massage, nuru massage, etc.