Erotic Massage in Cullera

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Cullera is a small town on the east coast of Spain, in Valencia, surrounded by orange groves and paddy fields irrigated by the Jucar River.

The city of Cullera gained the status of a fashionable European resort relatively recently. Almost 25 thousand people live in it. It has everything that is typical of a Spanish resort – hot sun, warm Mediterranean Sea, tropical plants, Spanish castles, hot Spaniards, and almost 6 kilometers of beaches that alternate with low mountain slopes. This is a great place where a quiet family vacation can be diversified with cognitive walks to the historic city center. Holidays will be perfect here thanks to the Aquapolis water park on the northern outskirts of Cullera.

The nearest airport is in Valencia. You can go by bus or by train from Valencia to Cullera–the road is approximately 40 kilometers. You can also use a car rental and drive by yourself for about 25-30 minutes.

Sites to see in Cullera

After getting out of the resort area and overcoming the steep mountain slopes, in the historic center of Cullera, you can see the 13th-century castle, from which the history of the settlement began, which later turned into a popular resort in Spain. You can get there by the Castello tourist train. At the end of the 19th century, the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary with a bell tower was built next to the castle. In one of the watchtowers, there is an extensive exposition of knightly armor of different times, and an amazing view of the panorama of Cullera opens from the observation deck of the castle.

It is worth seeing the ancient ruins, the old monastery in the orange grove, as well as the Church of St. John – another landmark of Cullera, built in the 13th century and rebuilt four centuries later.

History lovers will find it interesting to visit the Archaeological Museum, Fayas, and the Rice Culture Museum. It is also worth taking a walk through the old quarters, where the houses of peasants and nobles have survived – these buildings have been around for several centuries.

Aquapoliswater park with a huge number of slides of different heights and complex, salt, and fresh pools, cafes, and shops is an excellent reason to come to Cullera to relax.

Features of erotic massage in Cullera

While making an erotic massage, you can use feathers, ice cubes, and aromatic oils. It is important to choose the oil you like. You can simply purchase massage oil, but a much more interesting result can be achieved by mixing the non-sticky base oil with aromatic essential oils, choosing your favorite scent as you wish. Also, do not forget about the music, it also adds piquancy to the massage. It is necessary to ensure that the partner’s body is well moisturized with the help of oil – this will make it more convenient to slide over it and touch it gently.

The main difference of erotic full body massage is its rhythm. Each body has its own internal rhythm. If you feel the rhythm of your partner – great, be in it, if not yet – set the rhythm yourself, and over time you will intuitively get into exactly the one you need. Before you start doing something, you yourself need to calm down, relax, tune in, and reconnect with him right down to breathing.

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